Are We There Yet?

Setting Out

With any new adventure you set out with optimism, good intentions, a little trepidation and a destination in mind. As much as you can you plan and prepare for unforeseen circumstances. You have a schedule, a map and a vague expectation of what you will encounter along the way. Setting out to re-invent Spirited Women’s Network was no different.


Having arrived at my destination and with the advantage of being able to look back, it was actually unanticipated elements that delighted me the most. I did not expect that this business journey would mirror, reflect and parallel my personal and spiritual journey.  However knowing that Spirited Women’s Network is an expression of my core purpose of ‘love and connection’, it is not surprising. I did not expect to recognize and appreciate how much I have learnt and evolved from when I rather naively started the site two years ago. All those business concepts and IT jargon that used to leave a strange taste in my mouth now sit comfortably on my tongue. I did not expect the beautiful relationships that would develop with the mentors and craftspeople who helped guide my journey along the way.  This was like finding treasure buried along the way.

Join Me

I have loved the scenery, taste, sights and characters that have graced this unfolding. So for a time I will sit in this new destination exploring and taking in the delights. Whole-heartedly I invite you to do the same. I will watch as other women choose a path from the diverse events offered here and wish them bon voyage on their own adventure.  I am happy to be the travel agent…… Don’t forget to send pictures!

Natalie is the creator of An Australian wide site that promotes personal and business growth for sacred and sassy women.

3 Responses to Are We There Yet?

  • Jeanne says:

    Natalie, this is a beautiful and heartfelt post. You are the perfect example of a Spirited Woman and it’s been a joy to meet and work with you developing this ever-changing and evolving entity. I look forward to learning with you and being part of this purposeful community of women.
    Jeanne x

  • Hi Natalie
    congratulations on the re creation of Spirited Womens Network, you have continued the fantastic work you began so long ago and evolved your business into this gorgeous creation. I am honoured to have shared this journey with you

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