Heart Speak In Every Day Life

What is heart speak?

There has been a lot said about ‘speaking from the heart’ but what does that actually mean?  Does it mean that you express from your feelings using emotive language to portray to others what is your heart’s desire?  Does it mean by-passing the verbal and communicating from a heart energy?  Does it mean an egocentric excuse to follow your bliss?  I would suggest that the depth, flow, genuineness and motivation for speaking from the heart is different for all people. However the one core element would be truth.  There is an honesty when expressing from the heart that comes from a lack of intellectual filtering and a willingness to appear vulnerable.  In unadulterated heart speak there is transparency.  For this to be effective there needs to be an honouring of both the speaker and the listener – a sense of responsibility to express with integrity and healthy boundaries and to accept the listener’s response as their own perceptions of what has been said.

More than just our voice.

When we consider speaking we usually think of the voice, which emanates from our throats (interestingly our throat is situated between our heart and mind – or it could be said between our heart wisdom {4th chakra} and our spiritual wisdom {6th chakra}).  Surely though our ‘speech’ or ‘voice’ also includes our energy (or vibe), mannerisms, non- verbals and our intentions.  In fact expressing from our heart is an illustration of our soul voice and how we embody our principles and values.  It is so much more than just the physicality.

Teleseminar series exploring  “Heart Speak”

We are brought up in a society where we are not encouraged to use heart speak.  We say what we think we should say so that we don’t upset the ‘system’.  Learning to speak from the heart may be something that we need to relearn or reconnect to.  The first of the Spirited Women’s Network teleseminar series explores the concept of heart speak with four dynamic women. I invite you to tune in, open your mind and listen with your heart.

Natalie is the creator of www.spiritedwomensnetwork.com.  An Australian wide site that promotes personal and business growth for sacred and sassy women.

3 Responses to Heart Speak In Every Day Life

  • Hi Natalie,
    Congratulations on your fabulous new website and thank you for creating a sacred place for all us sassy women!
    This post has a great message for us all, when we speak from our heart we connect authentically with others. How honouring is that for us all

  • natalie says:

    You two girls are the epitome of speaking your heart truth. I have great role models. xx

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