With our teleseminars revolving around heart speak and my last ‘Goddess’ circle focusing on the throat chakra and therefore communication and expression, it really got me thinking about ‘voice’. ‘Voice’ is so much more than the physical output – it is words, tone, vibration, intention, feeling, silence, body language, ‘the thought behind’.  Giving ‘voice’ to who we are is a whole being projection of our internal essence.  This being the case, it is a sacred thing. So much of our outward expression is unconscious – so much of our communication is manipulated by our social conditioning, our perceptions and expectations, our fears and needs – to be accepted, to belong, to not rock the boat, to conform.  I am guilty of this way too often.  However if my ‘voice’ is a sacred port of my being why am I dully it down, cloaking it, filtering it?

My chiropractor once said to me ‘honesty at any cost Nat’ and I remember being horrified. I thought there is no way you could do that.  What I have learnt is that withholding your truth is a form of lying and in the end it does everyone involved a disservice.  What I also learnt is the skills involved in ‘heart speak’ are integrity, congruency, boundaries, assertiveness, trust, discernment and at times silence. Silence and knowing when to be silent can be the most honouring and empowering form of communication there is.

If we understand that our voice has power to both up lift and to tear down, not only others but ourselves then we would communicate  with more awareness.  Our voice is our unique music, that which we add to life’s symphony.  We can chose to produce discord, to sing off key or we can add our note to the majesty.  I kept my voice on mute a long time and now as I grow in self-love and truth, the volume is rising.  Christine Aguilera eat your heart out!

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  • Beautiful post Natalie. You write so eloquently. I think ‘honesty at any cost’ and ‘knowing when to be silent’ are the two lessons for today. I feel perhaps returning to this post will offer a new insight every time. Thankyou x

    • natalie says:

      Hi Krishna, both those points are golden but often the most difficult in the beginning.

  • Jeanne says:

    So true Natalie, I too have spent too many years on mute. When you find your voice (and I did that with singing lessons, then art) it is liberating. I rejoice in my voice, that I can be honest and open without fear of rejection because my truth is mine, no matter what anyone says.
    Jeanne x

    • natalie says:

      That is what I mean Jeanne, there are so many ways to express our ‘voice’ and every one of them is valuable.

  • Beautiful Natalie…All too often we censor our authentic voice… To be fully present, fully authentic, speaking our self truth is as important as breathing. We are not here to play ourselves down to satisfy our own egoic patterns and play the games dictated by others. We are here to be the greatest expression of the source that we can be. It is our reason for being. There are ways to speak truth from the heart without compromising our own integrity in the process… “to know thyself” is the key…clear the mind so that we can hear our heart’s voice and speak our words from there. No harm is ever done when we know ourselves and use our divine voice.

    • natalie says:

      Yes it is truly empowering not to censor your expression. It can take a while to have that courage and confidence.

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