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When talking to Stacey Huish last night about Heart Speak in relationships I was expressing how it is sometimes difficult to truly express how we feel to our partners.  This resistance often comes from fear based beliefs, experiences and patterns.  Perhaps we fear being rejected, being hurt, being criticized or ridiculed, being left or of an angry outburst.

I had been in a relationship where this was certainly the case for me. I don’t know how many times my heart was screaming at me to express, to stand up for my needs, to show my emotion only to be quickly and abruptly silenced.  When we do this on a consistent basis our true voice weakens and atrophies – in fact our whole being contracts.  In that relationship I never had the courage to command that I be heard until it was too late.

It is imperative that you have the courage and conviction to speak your truth, no-one else can do it for you.  If there is a ‘negative’ response then that is none of your business.  The other also needs to be responsible for not only their reaction to what you have said but also their response too.

Synergistic communication only occurs in openness and honesty.  I don’t ever want to be mute again. My voice, purely because it is part of my expression is worthy of being heard as is everyone else’s.  The key is taking responsibility for what it is you are out pouring into the world.

In fact when we do finally take courage and open up what we can find is that we give the other person permission to do the same. Perhaps they were also too afraid to say what they needed to.  And let us not kid ourselves, even if the words are not being said, energetically we know the truth anyway.

Share your voice with dignity, integrity and joy!


Love Nat

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