Circle of Sisterhood.

Last night I interviewed Shannon Ichikawa about the Being Woman Gathering – an event that happens annually on the Sunshine Coast to honour the walk and being of women. It provides a safe, nurturing, sacred space for women to immerse in connection, exploration, ritual, expression and just being.

I can relate to this as I am part of a number of ‘Circles of Sisterhood’ that extend into my personal, business and family life.  I was blessed to be born into a matriarchal family and have many female relations. One of my favourite memories is hanging out on my Aunty’s king size bed with my mum, Grandmother, Aunts and cousins and being spell bound as the elders in our family talked of life, love, disappointment and grief.  It is quite an amazing experience to be surrounded by that love, care and connection of which has carried through into my adult life.  In fact in a couple of weekends time my three cousins and I are off for the weekend to spend time together, just the girls.

For the past two years I have been involved in Feminine Mysticism studies and have journeyed with a group of women in this.  There is something powerful, timeless, divine when you dive deep into your own growth in the supportive arms of other women.  There is very few places where you would risk that level of vulnerability and openness.

And then I am a part of a Business mastermind group comprised of about 17 business women who meet on a monthly basis.  I cannot even begin to describe the appreciation I have for the sisters in business who encourage, inspire, guide and mentor me.  What a lonely journey it would be without them.

Women are intrinsically connectors – it is in our history, our genetics to stick together – to gather, commune, share, support, grow, grieve, laugh, complain and love.  Our modern life makes finding, developing and keeping those connections difficult.  But I believe that it is essential in a woman’s life to have a sisterhood. Everyday life without this is a harsh, demanding and isolating.  Woman’s groups are popping up everywhere as more and more women reach out to each other in mutual communion.

This movement is not anti-men, or anti- anything – it is just an ancient yet remembered honouring that in a group the Divine Feminine is powerful.  The coming together of women in mutual respect, appreciation and support is magikal.  Anything can happen.

So I encourage you…. If you do not belong in a sisterhood of some sort then seek one out or start your own.  The effort will be rewarded three fold.

2 Responses to Circle of Sisterhood.

  • I dont know what to say. This blog is fantastic. Thats not really a really huge statement, but its all I could come up with after reading this. You know so much about this subject. So much so that you made me want to learn more about it. Your blog is my stepping stone, my friend. Thanks for the heads up on this subject.
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    • natalie says:

      Our ‘sisters’ are such wonderful support systems and can come from many avenues. They are a valued part of my life. I hope you discover your circle and find the same enjoyment. Thank you for your comment.

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