Bring On The Balance

I am feeling decidedly unbalanced at the moment.  I guess I could attribute this to a couple of things, what is happening energetically across the planet, being tired, being on the brink of overwhelm or even too many ‘mum’ things to do.  Yes I could blame all those things but as a Spirited Woman I won’t.  I realize that what is required to maintain my  balance is self-responsibility.

If I was being ‘centred’ as mentioned in the picture, I would be tuning into what my body, emotions and higher awareness are telling me to do. If I was to be still, centred and aware I would hear that it is time for some self-nurturing.  It is time to use the word ‘no’ with far more vigor.  It is time to get myself a schedule and stick to it so that I don’t waste my precious time doing ineffective things.  It is time to laugh more, let go more, love more and go and sit in nature.

I think the key to my balance is remembering my self-worth.  I decided that my new affirmation is ‘I am worth’, not I am worthy as this indicates it is out side of myself – I am worth personified.  And from here I can make decisions about my wellbeing, my giving and receiving, my choice of expression and expending energy that supports this.

Balance in our lives, particularly as women is as diverse and individual as we are.  Finding the delicate point of balance for ourselves is a necessary element in a life well lived.  How do you find your balance?


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12 Responses to Bring On The Balance

    • natalie says:

      Thank you Catrina, how wonderful that you are reading from Denmark! I appreciate your comment.

  • Kama says:

    I have also been feeling this way Natalie. For weeks my intuition has been telling me to clear out things that are no longer needed from my house but it seemed like such a mammoth task that I have ignored it and ignored it. The result being that I haven’t been able to concentrate on my book. So this weekend I started the clearing out. After completing one room I could feel the balance starting to creep back in. I know when I have finished and everything has a place then I will be able to balance my work and play time. I will then be able to spend 30 mins a day doing what has to be done in the home. Then write and then rest with complete peace of mind. Ahhh Balance!

    • natalie says:

      Kama I am actually going to redo my daily routine so that I am not chasing my tail. I can only get done, what I can get done. It is essential to find some balance or it throws all areas of your life out with it. De-cluttering is so liberating!!!

    • natalie says:

      Thank you Ty, I really appreciate your comment. It lets me know that my heart’s purpose is on the right track.

  • Lovely article, and great to see others recognising the importance of balance. When I started Professional Parents last year it took me quite some time to recognise that despite very difference circumstances, all the parents I was meeting were all seeking exactly the same thing – work life balance. For me, I’ve found to achieve that, I need 2 main things – good people around me, and the knowledge/skills neccessary to solve any problems I may come across (whether that be parenting or with my business). I like your self worth angle though, that is very important. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • natalie says:

      Hi Renee, I think the support network is very important particularly with younger children. You just need to have time out of mummy role. Again it comes back to taking responsibility for creating a ‘team’ and being able to problem solve. Thank you for your comment.

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