Nothing like Nurturing!

With everything that is happening in our world right now the greatest gift that we can give is nurturing.  So many people are tired, overwhelmed, fearful and concerned.  Globally we are hurting. Whether this is our own making, a precursor of more to come, a wake up call, a necessary evolution – the fact remains that all of Earth’s beings are suffering.

I believe one of the greatest gives we can give right now is the beautifully feminine gift of nurturing.  I say in the verse that accompanies this photo ‘nurturing is a gift to both the giver and receiver’.  When we nurture others, when we hold them in sacred space, then we are sending that energy to all in the world.  If we as a global community were to truly enter the space of nurturing then we would recognize the preciousness in all of Earth’s creatures – plant and animal, human and rock.

What happens when you nurture?  Healing, reconnecting, honouring, respecting, loving, responsibility and the chance for extraordinary flourishing.  It is such a simple concept, yet the effect could be profound.  Create the ripple effect – nurture yourselves, your family, your garden, your pets, your friends, your business, your thoughts and deeds, your expression, your community, your dreams for peace and see how it spreads……..

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