Walking with dogs

I walk with my little dog most mornings. We have two different routes we take, alternating each day.  This morning I went with the intention of ‘walking with awareness’ as suggested by Kama Frankling in her interview last night.  She asked the listeners to go for a slow walk and in absolute awareness – walking with all our senses. Well I don’t know if my walk was slow because going for a walk is so exciting in Bailey’s mind, but I did ‘open’ as I was walking.  Often I am thinking about what I have to do that day, or what I haven’t done yet, so this morning I endeavoured not to think but to observe.

And what did I notice – trees that had magically grown up over night ( I hugged that one), the multi-lingual conversations of the birds, the dance of light and shadow that is painted on the road, the life enhancing energy that comes from breathing deeply, the soft hues of blue, the magic of the waning moon and the transparency of the clouds in the sky.  Now all of those things have been there every day and yet today they were my friends sharing in the simple beauty of being.  Now Bailey didn’t notice any of that because he had is nose to the ground most of the time.  Oh but what delectable smells there must be as well.

I think everyone should walk regularly with either children, dogs or both.  Tune into the wonder they imbibe, the curious engaging and simple pleasures.  Bailey walks that walk every day and everyday he starts with excitement knowing that there are new discoveries just around the corner.  Imagine if we approached every day with the anticipation of new discoveries and adventures – how different would our mindset and journey be!

5 Responses to Walking with dogs

  • Kama says:

    Natalie, I love your description of what you saw! That is exactly it, everything that has been there before without you noticing. You described it so beautifully and I am so glad that you enjoyed the experience. Yes imagine if we “approached every day with the anticipation of new discoveries and adventures” what magical creative world would we uncover?

    • natalie says:

      I am aiming at making it a ritual every morning I walk Kama. Plenty of time for thinking through the rest of the day!

  • I’m convinced. I don’t have a dog, but I do have 2 children! We are going walking on the weekend! I’ll try and pop back and see what we have discovered. (I’m expecting moaning children, I wonder what I’ll get?….)

    • natalie says:

      I hope new discoveries Krishna and a childlike sense of wonder, even if you have to drag the kids along!

    • Kama says:

      Krishna, if you point out to them something you discover as you walk you will soon “drag the kids along!” as Natalie mentioned. Have fun!

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