Body, what body?

I found my interview with Tahnee Woolf fascinating. As she was guiding me through some simple awareness exercises, it only highlighted to me how unaware I am at times of the temple I am ‘living’ in.  When she was describing the effect of her techniques and teachings – freedom, ease, grace, emotional neutrality when needed and balance – not only did I get a sense of longing but also a sense of remembrance.  Somewhere in the cellular memory of my body a stirring occurred. ‘Remember Nat’, it whispered ‘when we moved like that, before bad habits, thoughts and patterns warped our way?’  Tahnee talks about ‘undoing’ these things and bringing us back to an effective state that is perfect for our individual bodies.  And most interestingly Tahnee tantalized me with the notion of being fully embodied, not only moving in a state of grace but expressing in this state also.  This was so much more than body awareness and yet all about body awareness.

When I asked about how to start creating this in our lives she suggested doing any task that brings you discomfort or pain in ultra slow motion and to observe what your body is actually doing.  Simple?  I challenge you to give it a go and see what you discover.  Even better listen to one of

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and see just what I mean!

I am quite tuned to when my body is sending me messages but not quite so tuned into how I am moving.  Oh how I would love to be like a dancer or gymnast, oh how I would love to literally be at ease in my own skin!   MMMmmmmm Feldenkrias here I come.

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