Breaking Out Abundance

Abundance – something we all want and something we all seem to struggle with. And I am not just talking about money. Time, energy, love, rest, exercise, creativity as well.  We become so busy, so immersed in our doing that we become ‘abundance poor’.

My interview with Shannon Bush last night on Creative Abundance left me thinking a lot about my own abundance mentality.  She stated a quote in the interview that said ‘Your net worth is the sum of your self-worth’.  Mmmm think about that.  How many of us ‘sell ourselves short’.  If we embraced more self-worth, self-love, self-acceptance and appreciation wouldn’t we raise our standards for ourselves?  Wouldn’t we set stronger boundaries to ensure we nurture our gifts?  Wouldn’t we expect more beautiful things to naturally come to us?

This is not ego.  This is recognizing that every one of us has unique talents to share with the world and by not doing so we are actually depriving the very people who need them.  Creating abundance happens when we put ourselves in the flow without resistance – from fear, guilt, lack.  It is about opening and allowing.  Shannon suggests these three things to start the opening the abundance door –

  • Focus on feeling rich -At the end of each day complete the following 5 abundance rich statements;
  1. Today I feel rich because…..
  2. Today I feel abundant because……
  3. Today I…….. to welcome abundance into my life
  4. Today I…….. to share my brilliance with the world
  5. Tomorrow I commit to……. in order to ensure I am open and ready to welcome abundance to flow freely into my life
  • Take abundant action – think what would a woman who welcomes abundance and wealth into her life do in this situation/decision?
  • Choose to live a champagne life – what is your mindset.  Make an agreement with yourself about what would constitute a champagne life for you.

So simple but so profound – just like the gift of abundance.

4 Responses to Breaking Out Abundance

    • natalie says:

      Thank you it is always great to hear that people are enjoying my musings! Have a great day.

  • Lisa Wood says:

    Hello Spirited Womens Network,
    Gosh that interview must have been amazing. I love how Shannon Bush started of the interview with that statement “Your net worth is the sum of your self-worth”. Thats powerful.
    I also like the questions that she encourages you to ask at the end of each day – thats priceless.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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