Meet at the Belly Button

We have all heard the ‘men are from Mars, women are from Venus’ argument.  In fact it could be said that it is a wonder we get on at all we are so different in many respects.  Well last night Janet McGeever spoke about something that just made a whole lot of sense to me.  I think this one understanding could make such a difference to how we relate as men and women not only sexually but also on many other levels.

Janet talked about our different dynamic and receptive parts of the body.  You see in a women our dynamic areas are our heart, breasts (particularly nipples) and breath.  All of these ‘house’ our emotion.  We need to feel dynamic emotion for our receptive parts – vagina, womb etc to open and soften to allow intimacy.  We need to feel love to have sex.  Now a man’s dynamic parts are his genitals and his receptive parts are his heart, chest, breath.  He needs to have sex to feel love.  So we could think “Well there we are – polar opposites again” or…

We could see it as two sides of the same coin.  We both want love and intimacy and fulfillment, we just receive it in different but complimentary ways.  We can meet at the belly button by spending time just touching, kissing, communicating, exploring until the energy for both is perfectly positioned. It is not about right or wrong, good or bad, submissive and dominant – it is about honouring and awakening the flow.

I really love this explanation.  Thanks Janet.  You can down load Janet’s ‘hearticle’  Why Women Close Down – and how to open up again ” at her website

2 Responses to Meet at the Belly Button

  • I love that Natalie – meet at the belly button! Beautiful!

    I have answered the question, “What if my partner is not interested in a ‘conscious’ relationship?” and posted it on my profile if anyone listening in is interested. I just wanted to flesh that out a bit more.

    Really hope it all helps those who were asking that question.
    happy loving!

  • Kama says:

    Great post Natalie. Janet I love your openness and honesty on this topic, the work you do is so important for the communication and understanding between couples.

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