Me as Rock

Sacredness is a journey to Self.  There is no way out of being on your sacred path – you are on it whether you like it or not.  You are on it whether you choose to be an active participant in the journey or are oblivious to the direction you are taking. I have consciously been on that path for most of my life.  The joke is, you don’t actually have to ‘go’ anywhere.  The destination, journey and arrival are already contained within.  We just seem to believe that it can’t be that easy.  Maybe that is because we just can’t see ourselves as the Divine within us sees us.  As whole and beautiful.

Sometimes we need reminding that all we need to do is just be in order to feel the spirit within and around us.  When I asked Stephanie Lister last night in our Living Sacredness interview about ways to re-connect to sacredness if you are feeling distanced from it she suggested coming from your heart wisdom, meditation, asking the Universe for guidance, joining with like minded groups and spending time in nature.

For me it is this last suggestion that can bring me instantly out of my ‘worldly’ energy and into something deeper and divine.  All of nature is a  perfect representation of sacredness.  Natural elements are spirit, are sacred. They don’t have to connect, breathe in, practice, think, feel or experience – they just are – exactly as they are meant to be.  No trying, no doubting, no wishing for something else.

Seriously, sit under a tree and pick up a rock.  Hold it and really ‘see’ it. If you concentrate you can literally feel the energy of the earth, of creation emanating from it.  Now that rock is us……  We were ‘made’ perfect, sacred and spiritual.  We have forgotten, been lulled into a false dream.  I am rock, the exact shape I need for this journey, the exact type, the exact energy, the exact vibration, the exact texture, the exact beingness I need to be to live in sacredness every and each day.

So ‘Rock On’ with me in divinity!

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