House My Heart

They say ‘Home is where the heart is’ and this adage is true on a number of levels.  Our home should be a place where…… 

  • Your heart can rest – meaning it is a safe space for you to feel, express adn live from an authentic place.
  • Your heart expands – through connection with your family, friends, yourself and nature. Also through creativity, joy and growth.
  • Your heart guides you – to surround yourself in those decorations, furnishings, colours and lighting tha will nurture and support your spirit. Let it guide you in what is best for your being with the food you eat, the thoughts you have, the products you use and who you share all of this with.

In dream interpretation, the house is a symbolic representation of the ‘self’ and aspects (or characteristics) of the self.  What does your ‘house’ say about the inner and outer you?  Victoria Millar-Wise’ book ‘Create Your Dream Sanctuary’ and workshops by the same name give you heart felt and personal experience and wisdom on how to benefit not only your individual home but also the global home by taking responsibility for creating peace and harmony in both.

Invite yourself home!

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  3. treehouse. Makes me wonder about its history. Multi generations? Artists' colony? Commune? When it rains, where does the rain go?

    treehouse. Makes me
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  5. tiny house

    tiny house
  6. This would probably need a certain type of building to go good on, but it is wonderful!! Not sure what is better, the sunflower or clock transom!

    This would probably