Divine Adornment

We all like to look and feel gorgeous – right?  I know that for a time I had inner conflict around spending time, money and energy on ‘doing myself up’.  Wasn’t that just pandering to my ego and the notion of dressing to impress men?  What if I did look beautiful and it made the other women uncomfortable?  What if when I am looking good it brings unwelcome attention? Seriously those were the thoughts that would go through my head at times.  I felt it was better to play it down – much safer that way.  I could get ready in five minutes literally.  All that ‘girly’ stuff wasn’t for me.

Thankfully I am at a stage in my life and in my consciousness where I am very comfortable in my inner and outer beauty and have no problem with dressing and adorning myself  just for the pleasure and expression of it.  The girly stuff isn’t girly stuff anymore, it is relishing in and enjoying being a woman.  I was thinking ‘yep got this down now, its kinda groovy to step into my feminine looks just because I want to’.   Well imagine my surprise and delight after interviewing Cynthia Connop to learn that there is actually an evolution in accepting and expressing your beauty to the world.

In stage one, we adorn and present ourselves out of need – the need to make ourselves feel good, the need to impress, the need to attract attention, the need to be needed and loved.  (phew past that one – but what a lesson!)     In stage two, we adorn and present ourselves for our own pleasure and as a truer expression of who we are. This is about being comfortable in our skin.  The third stage is when we recognize that our radiance is a unique offering of light as a gift to the world.  This is our divine adornment – as Spirit intended us to be.

This simple but profound concept that Cynthia spoke about opened a floodgate of feelings for me and empowered me to not only step into my unique radiance and beauty but to also see it as part of my divine plan. When I am nurturing myself by taking care of my body, skin, hair; when I am choosing clothes and jewelery to compliment and accentuate my personal looks; when I walk, and talk and be with confidence and grace then I am actually sending a prayer to the Universe for all women to feel and do the same. And in the words of Marianne Williamson ‘As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same’.

So Beautiful, Sassy, Sensational, Gorgeous women – put your beauty out there for the world to see.  Be a shining star! And if you would like some guidance on how to fully tap into your feminine essence then contact Cynthia at www.livinglove.com.au. She will help you to live in love.

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