Busy Bust

Last night I interviewed Kristy Rackham about managing stress in an authentic and sustainable way. At one point we discussed how our beliefs can certainly cause stress.  For example if you believe that ‘money only comes with really hard work’ then this will undoubtedly cause undue tension.

Kristy also took us through a short meditation to access our higher wisdom – a valuable asset particularly in high stress times.  We asked our authentic self a question and waited in the silence for an answer. My question – “What is important for me to do right now in my life” and the answer loud and clear – ‘rest’. Okay so now, like the perennial jigsaw puzzle, the pieces fit together and HELLO, an Ah ha moment. ( I have one every interview and I am beginning to suspect that I created this teleseminar series for my own benefit).

I have a belief that being busy equates to accomplishment.  Being busy, overly busy, means success and worth. Being busy in the old days meant avoiding emotional needs and concerns at a time when it was too painful to go there. GAG! Isn’t it funny how you fall back into unconscious patterns when you are under stress!  No wonder I am tired all the time.

Being told by my higher consciousness that what I needed most was rest, and recognizing that I am choosing a belief sure to stress me out, got me thinking that perhaps I could accomplish just as much, with less effort, minus resentment and with greater inspiration if I allowed myself space to breathe, tune in and relax into a creatively effective position. Even the thought of it fills me with relief. So the third piece of the puzzle, acting on it.

Awareness creates new beliefs which empowers different action.

Kristy shared so many tips and tools for conducting a ‘stress audit’ and adopting techniques just perfect for you.  So next time you see me, check out how serene I look 🙂


3 Responses to Busy Bust

  • Liz See says:

    What an interesting post Natalie…I may take some time in the next few days to sit and do this….This week I have felt so frazzled and like you, always feel tired. I try to listen to what my body needs but my head takes over and I want to get all these things done! 🙂

    • natalie says:

      Liz it seems to be a universal affliction at the moment. Ultimately it is our personal responsibility to set boundaries and make our own priorities. It can be difficult though when we think we have to do it all. I am going through a transition with this and seeking purposefully to find a balance.

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