Strangling My Yum

When Bridget Thompson started talking about the ‘Metabolic Power of Pleasure and Yum’ I wasn’t quite sure what that meant.  But when she explained, it made absolute sense to my mind and my body. ‘See’ my body seemed to be accusing ‘you’ve been strangling our yum’.

I endeavour to eat the ‘right’ good.  I love fruit and vegies, I don’t eat meat, I rarely eat junk food and I drink two litres of water a day.  Big pat on the back for me – right? What I didn’t realize was what  I had been doing most of my adult life was eating in a state of stress.  And what happens when we are stressed? We are full of hormones that impede absorption.  I could bore you with all the details of why I was in a constant state of fight or flight and emotionally messy but needless to say it was like I was trying to eat while running a marathon. And although I am not as stressed or emotionally messy now, I still rarely truly relax and fully indulge in my meals. I am still putting the squeeze on my ‘yum’.

To gain the full benefit of what we are intaking we need to be in a state of enjoyment.  Not rushed, not busy, not thinking about all the things you have to do after, not watching the clock, not feeling guilty for what it is we are eating, not concerned about what it will add to the waist line, not swinging between pleasure and pain. We need the happy hormones to release and allow the nutrients to blissfully swim in our system.  To take a stroll instead.  In this state our metabolism works at its optimum and all the nasty side effects of uptight eating are lessened.

If you are like me and have been ‘strangling your yum’ start thinking of dinner as chill out time – everything else can wait (even those negative thought processes around food).  Relax, enjoy, let go – aaahhhh – can’t you feel your tummy smiling?

But if you still can’t see the wisdom in this or would like to know more great tips on how to change your relationship with food and movement then check out Bridget’s website –

Yummy Tummy here I come……

2 Responses to Strangling My Yum

  • BridgetJane says:

    Nat you have summarised our discussion so incredibly well & i’m super stoked you have experienced such a profound shift around an incredibly important part of our overall wellbeing, vitality &wholeness as a woman.

    Thank you again for the opportunity to share my passion with you!


    • natalie says:

      I have been super aware now every time I eat – part of the ‘serenity’ value as well. Thank you for your wisdom Bridget.

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