Mapping The Stars

I was quite amazed at how indepth and precise the science of astrology is. Interviewing Chirone Witsen about ‘Astrological Cycles of Life’ opened a door to a whole universe of unexplored concepts.

Two aspects in particular tantalized my adventurous heart. Firstly a model called astro*carto*graphy or astro mapping. They say you can take your birth chart and place it over a map of the earth and discover where in the world is most conducive for your spiritual awakening and growth. I wonder if that is why intrinsically we are drawn to some placed in the world and not to others. I have been drawn to  Machu Picchu and Vietnam. It makes me tingle with anticipation of what may unfold if you go to these places with spiritual intention and expectation. How extraordinary to plan your travel based on heightened energetic vortexes unique to you.

Secondly, that your birth chart, approached with awareness and understanding can actually provide a map for life – a guide to journeying  through the ‘star’ points in your life.  It can provide a GPS  of undiscovered planets, meteorites to avoid, moons to enjoy, black holes to navigate around and sunbeams to dance on. Of course we could ignore the map altogether and rely on our own navigation but in relation to the uncharted realms of the galaxy and life, we could all use help.  Besides I think this is much more reliable than the Sunday stars in the paper!

Astrology can be a lifestyle really.  An avenue to live more consciously and concisely. It is intricate, subtle and powerful. I rather fancy aiming for the stars and having a stairway to get there.

If you would like to know more or have your chart done visit Chirone’s website  In the meantime I will see you in the Milky Way……..

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