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I had a little melt down the other day while doing home finances and ended up in tears of frustrated. I felt I couldn’t do what I wanted to do but what I had to do. I wallowed in it for a time and allowed it to flow through me. The next day while walking, the emotion went from despair to anger. Now anger is a brilliant catalyst and it created an energy shift in me that wiped those tears clear off my face. I realised that I had allowed my fears to overwhelm me, to push aside my knowing that I am the creator and that I can choose differently. This whole process only took at day, and understanding that it was a process gave me the freedom to learn from it. At the same time I had begun re-reading ‘Ask and It Shall Be Given’ by Abraham – Hicks. It was exactly what I need to read to confirm my inner belief and to completely bring me back on track.

My thoughts of lack and non-support emit a vibration and automatically I will begin to attract the people, circumstances and experiences that are in vibrational alignment with it. If I continue to emit that level of vibration then that is what I will manifest. My anger made me state what it was that I did want and since my thoughts have been in a very different vibrational state. We can consciously choose what we devote our energy too, including our thought processes. What is your thought vibration drawing to you?

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  • Great article and so true!!!! I think this is where meditation and mindfulness are so powerful as we can practice and cultivate awareness of our thoughts and our focus!!!! Realigning my ‘thought focus’ with my intention works best for me when it is a daily practice. Thank you for reminding me 🙂

    Lots of love

  • Marina says:

    I love a good minimeltdown, kids have taught me it’s a terrific way to clear the emotional closet quickly, just took me 40 years to work that out (the quickly bit!)
    I’ve learnt that when I feel like I’m stuck in a sludgy bit in life, to look up and start climbing, even if the only movement is to take a deep breath and imagine the future. Sometimes I may not have the finances to move forward – I’ve recognised these are my learning periods. I’ll find a good book/ website / podcast and soak it all up. I may not be able to take the steps I want, but with the mantra – I live my life with grace and ease – my meltdowns don’t have me on my knees blithering in a corner 😉

    • natalie says:

      So true Marina. Kids are brilliant teachers! Absolutely those stuck times are there so we do stop and take notice. It is all about learning. Thank you for sharing.

  • Lisa Murray says:

    Hey Natalie I so have been there – too many times this year… and I have a new strategy which I have been using for the past three months which has pretty much ended the meltdowns and increased the cashflow bigtime!! As you said, making the demand for something different is a big part of it… and I simply refuse to immerse myself in energy that is not joyful to me… over and over I have seen there is always a change I can make, even if I don’t like it, if it will take me forward I will make that choice and so much magic has come out of that… We truly are in a time of reinventing the rules… what I have learned from the channellings gifted to me through New Energies of Business has been totally invaluable… and what else is possible with all of these changes? Our path is clearing rapidly 🙂 Love Your Work!! xox Lisa

    • natalie says:

      Hi Lisa, yes that is exactly what I have got from reading the book. Keep yourself in the flow of well being. Choose your thoughts and the subsequent feelings that thought generates. Choose to have thoughts and intentions that support you! I know that you are doing amazing things with inspiring others to view business differently. Glad you enjoyed the post.x

    • natalie says:

      Oh well, how long have you got :). I understand perfectly what you are saying and I have had a shift with that also. Very astute of you.

  • neroli says:

    i love a good meltdown from time to time 😉 I’ve noticed this last 2 weeks have been really full on for energy & emotions being intense. Apparently there’s some big shifts happening & the new moon is amplifying all of it. I love that whatever the shtick is, it always moves & evolves 😉 great post, cheers, neroli

    • natalie says:

      Yes from what I am hearing from my friends in the know it is all about shaking loose anything and everything that isn’t for your highest good. Often for us before we change anything we need to have it slammed at us! Many people are going through the same thing and in the long run it will be of huge benefit. Thank you Neroli for your comment. x

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