Dear Natalie

The first November newsletter was titled ‘Here I Am – Self promotion Is Not A Dirty Word’. I wanted to give people permission to shout about how awesome they are and to recognize that it is something that we are required to do throughout our lives. Recently this blog came to my attention and I thought how perfectly aligned it was with the intention behind the newsletter. As I read Carrie Klassen’s letter to herself I found myself wondering what it is that I would write. Like Carrie I could quite happily and eloquently write about other people in my life in loving terms and multi-coloured descriptions but to do that for myself really got me squirming. So in the spirit of Self Promotion here is a love letter to me……

Dear Natalie,

I like that you are quick to smile and quick to cry, in fact quick to let your true feelings show even if it isn’t the ‘correct’ time or place. You are ‘perspexious’ and transparent and that means that others don’t have to guess how you feel.

I like that you choose to see the good in people even when they are not being good, and they hurt you. That you believe that in their hearts they are angels. I like that you have learned to love them and still keep your boundaries intact and that learning that lesson didn’t destroy your own sense of goodness, just made it stronger.

I like that you don’t care about being naked and in fact it is a state you prefer because it feels natural to you. I like that your body has become more womanly and you are delighting in the curves – how it makes you feel substantial, not wanting your ‘peter pan’ body to return and fly away your sense of femininity. 

I like that you have a wicked woman that lives inside of you that comes out to play in your sense of humour and the ‘naughty’ things you do. That she is a rag-a-muffin child in all her delicious flouting of social constraints. That she is someone that you share with those people who can appreciate her divine devilishness. 

I like that you are strong in character and have built this like chambers in a bee hive. Gathering the nectar of each harsh experience and transforming it into the sweet honey that feeds your soul and the souls of those you touch. 

I like the sheer pleasure and joy you find in dancing, writing, photography, reading and making love. How doing these things makes you sparkle and sigh. 

I like that when you choose to love someone, you do it fiercely, protectively, expressively and totally. That loving that person grows you and you bloom a thousand times over.

I like who you are and who you are becoming….

Love Nat xx

That wasn’t as hard as I thought. Perhaps it is that I truly do love myself and can say so without ego. I would love to read your love letters or add them to Carrie’s collection.

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