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Recently I cut my hair short. This is something I do, like a season that comes around every five years or so, that I enjoy for the qualities it embodies and then when the season is done, begin the journey back to long hair. Usually straight after it is cut I have a few fleeting moments of panic, a day or two to adjust and then a settling into the new look, like settling into a new home. People have said ‘oh you are brave to do that’ and I reply ‘but it is just hair’. On reflection though I am beginning to think that like Samson it does have a bit of magic embodied in it.

Why? Because it can make me feel like a different person. Like I have taken on a new personality. Tell me how can it do that? I know of women who are so attached to their hair, like it would be cutting off and arm or a leg. I know of women who use it like a canvas, changing it’s appearance every few weeks or so. Who hasn’t felt fantastic after you have been even to just have it trimmed. See magical powers! What part of ‘us’ is invested in it?

When my hair is long it represents my ‘earth child’ qualities, that free spirited, flowing, wild part of me. How it is cut now it is much more chic and styled. For a brief moment I actually felt constrained and thought actually thought ‘this is not me’ and then I saw the sassy, pixie, elegant aspects of myself in it. My thoughts then were ‘Ooooo look at the hidden characteristics I can now bring out and play with’. I know that I am all of these things within all of the time but it is like opening a secret window from which to see a new view. 

My husband of course prefers it long (what is with that too?) but I think he may also enjoy the playful side of this woman. Now if I add a bit of colour and a bit of product too who knows what adventures I may have. Perhaps next time I’ll shave it (oh that’s right – already done that).

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  • NikStarr says:

    Inspiring as always, gorgeous woman. Beautiful and loving the sassy right now. And if anyone has a tangible answer about the men and long hair thing, I would so love to hear it.

    • natalie says:

      Hi Nik, thank you from one sassy lady to another. If anyone gives me an answer I will pass it on. Love reading all about your adventures!

  • Kama says:

    Great post Natalie. I can relate to this post as I have often done the same. I am now on a journey to going grey and you know what, it is changing my personality. It is changing my perception of my own femininity as I realise that my femininity comes from within and shines outwards and not the other way around.

    • natalie says:

      Kama when I shaved my hair I was acutely aware of how much of my femininity was wrapped up in my long locks. I was actually a bit shocked. So yes I am more aware of where my true beauty stems from. You are courageous.

  • Hi Natalie,
    Love it and yes there can be a lot of letting go when you cut your hair. When young, I always had long hair, yup the earth hippie child, when young. Then I had an inner calling to join an ashram and go on a spiritual journey of self inquiry and awakening to a more conscious life when 21.
    I had always been attached to my hair and hated even a trim, after all it was part of my identity.
    At my initiation all my lovely long blonde locks were shawn and then my head shaved off. A dramatic change and not so chic or cool.
    Wow, after an initial shock, and Big Let Go, I felt FREE, RELEASED of any identity associated with my locks.
    This was the beginning of cutting the self identity with anything that was not me and opened the big question “Who Am I”.
    After 8 years of living this life I left the ashram and went into the ‘world’ again.
    Then it was ‘ what do I wear now?’ Hair again – hmmm. I have been less precious with my hair since. That is another story and an interesting one, but not for now.
    Now I think life is to be explored and simple things can take us on interesting journeys.
    Love your Hair. xxxxx Soraya

    • natalie says:

      Hi Soraya, It is amazing how we become attached to certain aspects of ourselves whether physical, emotional, material or personality. How freeing it is when you can detach from that and just be! When I look at you I see such femininity and beauty and know that that would be there hair or no hair.

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