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   I know standing naked in front of a room of strangers is not something everyone would want to do but last week I was able to tick off an item on my bucket list. I have always wanted to model for a life drawing class. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I really enjoyed the experience. I had to do a variety of poses for different lengths of time. Strangely enough I never once felt ‘naked’. 

I pondered the reasoning for this and came to the conclusion that it was a combination of comfort – comfort with the people who were drawing and comfort in my own skin. I have never had a ‘beautiful’ body that would warrant exhibiting. I don’t have the need to show it off. It is simply the freedom to be bare that I love. Being naked seems like a perfectly normal and natural state to be in for me. Add the fact that it is then a source of inspiration for creative expression then why wouldn’t you? 

The most intriguing element of the night for me though was observing the observers. While in my poses I was in the unique position of watching the artists create. Each one using a different technique to render my form on paper, each one sending off a different vibe, each one focusing on a different aspect. In my peripheral vision they looked like pigeons eating bread crumbs – heads bobbing up and down as they glanced and drew, glanced and drew.  It was quite serial. 

I can tell you I have never looked so colourful, full, flowing, womanly, abstract and divine in real life as I did on the paper displayed on the easels. I loved looking at what the different perceptions captured. Really it wasn’t me, it was the energy of me – so lovely. 

If you ever get the opportunity I would encourage you to have a go. If not life modelling then dancing naked, swimming naked or laying naked under the moon! It is how we arrived in this world and if we can get past the ‘layers’ of social acceptability, then you can revel in the deliciousness of it. Go on, I dare you….


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  • Hey Nat I have both sketched at life drawing classes and modeled and loved it, I have swum naked, run naked down a beach, and taken part in and facilitated sweat lodge naked – once you get past all the passe ‘rules’ about correct behaviour going naked is one of the most freeing (in so many ways) things you can do. Well done! it sounds like it was a lot of fun 🙂

    • natalie says:

      Annie I have also done all of those things and loved it all. I think part of the sense of freedom is not being ‘clothed’ by social conformity. I can just see you in your dragon glory!

  • Kama says:

    Beautiful post Natalie. I loved that the sketchers captured the essence of you, makes me consider sitting as a nude model, maybe then I would be able to see my own femininity more clearly. Thank you for sharing.

    • natalie says:

      Thank you Kama. Isn’t it interesting what we see in others and ourselves. I see you as very feminine and beautiful. Do it if you are comfortable and if not express it some other way. Nat x

  • Jenny says:

    Well Natalie, this certainly does bring up a lot of long held ideas and emotions for me! I must say tho, that the older I get the more daring I become (in my own way!) as I realize that what I think/do is my business and I am less worried about what other people think (of me).
    That said – In my case I’ll pass on the nude modeling and stick to chunky dunking!

    • natalie says:

      Hi Jenny, so pleased that you are living your life without being concerned about other’s approval. I understand that nude modelling isn’t for everyone but I am intrigued about ‘chunky dunking’. Do tell!

  • Hi Nat, great blog!

    I was a life drawer for years and and I always appreciated the people who posed and was amazed how comfortable they were being naked. I remember thinking it was very odd that it felt so natural and “normal/ordinary” when we all walked around to look at other people’s drawings and the model would walk around too … naked! What was weird was not that they were naked but how comfortable it was and they were in being naked (even when everyone else was clothed). They often seemed more comfortable than the people wearing clothes!!!!

    Thank you for sharing your experience…. I love the way you are so daring!

  • Thanks for your post Nat. I understand what you mean about not feeling naked. When I did the photos post surgery for my book, it wasn’t about feeling exposed. My mindset was that this was all about serving others. Having my headshot done – well that was an entirely different experience!! I was super thingy about it!! lmao!!
    My bucket list includes making love on the beach under a full moon…
    Giving thought to modelling now as well…
    Thanks for sharing honey xxx

    • natalie says:

      Hi Sharon, I applaud your courage. It is a beautiful way to honour who you are in all of our ‘perfect’ imperfections. I encourage you to model and definitely make love under the moon. Quite a divine experience!

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