Embrace The Mother Mind

I watched this video and my heart expanded. I have long said that it will be the Divine Feminine that will be the healing and transformation of the planet. I love this concept of one aspect of the Divine Feminine – the Mother Mind- and I would go one step further to say the Mother Heart.

If we take a look at what we could list as attributes of the Mother Mind and the Mother Heart then  it would look something like this –

  • You are a child of my heart and womb and even if you are not, I will care for you still.
  • I will always strive to take care of you and protect you.
  • To the best of my ability I will provide for  you.
  • I will teach you and guide while allowing you to be an individual.
  • I forgive you.
  • I want for you to be happy, abundant and content.
  • I am willing to be of service for the family’s greater good.
  • I am your most ardent admirer, supporter and cheer squad.
  • I will bring sunshine to the rainbows of your dreams.
  • I love you.
Now imagine if we took those qualities, feelings, characteristics and the many more I haven’t listed here and adopted them in the educational, medical, political, economic and social systems. Imagine if the politicians, leaders, teachers, doctors and administrators thought and felt with the Mother Mind. How different and what a difference it would make.    
Just a thought

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  • Jules says:

    Truly divine. Thank you for sharing. This beautiful woman and gorgeous soul’s resonance of timbre/tempo of her breath/voice warmed my heart and a gentle tear flowed. Truth simply ‘just is’. Blessings to all of our moments this day. Jules x

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