Six Secrets of Being A Spirited Woman

   At times can be difficult to maintain our sense of wonder and love for ourselves. To be able to look in the mirror and into our hearts and genuinely smile at the amazing being who is there. We get lost in our roles, in work, in family, in doing. We do and say things that we feel are not in alignment with our higher knowing. There can be times when we cloud our connection with worry, doubt, guilt and shame. However all of those things -the roles, the ‘mistakes’, the negative emotions are like coats that we wear. They are not part of us, they are not permanent and they can be discarded if we choose. When they are removed we are left with soul and skin, bareness and beauty, perfect imperfections that are our essence. This is what we need to tap into when we are feeling less than ‘divine’ – our inner glow and majesty that is our gift from God/dess. 

To help you honour this, especially in the times of fog, I have put together six secrets to embracing your Spirited Woman Energy –

  • Step into your Queendom – Don’t be a Princess any longer! Take hold of your regal being, knowing you have earned the right to create your kingdom from that higher perspective. Command the treatment and respect you deserve (note this is not demand). When you are in your ‘Queenly’ energy you come from a place of birthright, not having to explain, justify or excuse. From this state we are in the best position to support, ourselves, and the greater good.
  • Become your own lover – When you have a true lover they delight in you and your body no matter how it looks! They are drawn to the very core female aspect of you that has nothing to do with whether you are size 8 or 18. Sexiness is a matter of perspective and very definitely an internal deliciousness that just has to bubble to the fore. Take long luxurious baths, lovingly massage your body with scented oil, wear clothes that brush your skin delicately, gift yourself roses, touch yourself with reverence.  Just imagine your delighted smile if your secret lover was you.  
  • Create like crazy – We all have ways that we like to express our inner colours. Drawing, dancing, cooking, singing, craft, writing, exercising, mothering – nothing is off limits when it comes to adding to the contrast of the world. The more you allow your creative being free expression the more you connect with and learn about yourself. Now when I say crazy – I mean crazy! You know mess, frivolity, abandonment! Don’t be concerned about doing it right, achieving and outcome, making it perfect, displaying for others. This to give yourself permission to express without restraint and judgement. You never know what you might discover in the madness!
  • Be a boundary bounty hunter   – We have boundaries to protect and preserve what is precious to us. Well you and your needs and desires are precious. When you don’t have clear and strong boundaries it means anyone can waltz on in and take your time, energy, dreams, self love and worth. We don’t want to put up walls or barriers – we still want to see the view – just a few electric fences here and there to let intruders know that they have crossed the line. If someone should slip in under the no go zone, then round them up and move them on quickly. The more you reinforce where the boundaries lay the less people will try and take advantage of the amazing treasure within your landscape.
  • See through the eyes of a child – I want you to imagine that you have a special pair of glasses that when you wear, you can only view the world with childlike enthusiasm. Children are naturally what I call ‘sensualists’ in that they experience the world more through their senses and less through their thoughts and opinions. Do, see and feel the familiar from this new perspective. Go to the beach and eat a mango that isn’t cut into neat squares. Get it all over your face and hands, let the juice run down your chin, marvel in it’s fragrance, texture and feel. Then run to the water and throw yourself in to wash off. How long has it been since you have marveled at your existence?
  • Be a Santa in a dress – What is it about Santa that most kids love? He is a symbol of joy, hope, fun, gifts, tradition and family. So throw on a red dress and share these same characteristics with the world around you. When we step out of our selves and into a place of service it not only brings joys to others but also us. Giving without expectation because you want to is the most uplifting feeling. Nothing gets you out of the ‘insular’ like sharing yourself with others. 
Recognise that you innately are a Spirited Woman. You don’t have to become one, it is you. It is just a matter of acknowledging her and embracing her. If you want more support to do this then you can get monthly inspiration from the Spirited Women Are…. Calendar.  
Sacredly and Sassily Yours, Natalie 

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