Why Little Things Mean So Much

  Lately there have been many blogs shared around the theme of gratitude and after listening to Amanda Gore recently, it only reinforced the positive effects that ‘being thankful’ can bring into your experience. Every day I am grateful for the amazing people who grace my life, for where I live, my work, my health – my many blessings. But as I was listening to the rain last night I began to conjure in my mind all the little things that make our everyday life spectacularly ordinary in the most amazing ways. So here is a list of my top ten small wonders of joy. 

  1. The way my hand feels when it is resting in my husbands. How his curls around mine like his love around my heart. 
  2. The absolute exuberance that is elicited by my dog’s tail when he sees me come home in the afternoon and how it travels up through his body like a shimmy on a dancer.
  3. How delicious and safe it feels to be tucked under the blankets on a soft bed when you can hear the wild weather clawing at you through the windows.
  4. The feel of cool, enveloping water on naked skin – like a lover’s caress and just as stimulating.
  5. Losing myself in the rhythm of dance, being oblivious to everything else but the way the music moves my body and soul.
  6. Delighting in the texture and taste of my favourite food, how it tantalizes the tastebuds and fills me with warmth and contentment all the way to my toes. 
  7. Having my own bird choir awaken the day and ensure my breakfast is an experience of harmony with nature.
  8. How the smell of toast and vegemite can transport me back to pajamas, Saturday morning cartoons, and milo in a sip cup. 
  9. That photographs capture pure gifts of moments of time that put a smile on my lips, fullness in my heart and sweetness in my soul.
  10. That I can look in the mirror at my reflection and honesty feel that I love the person who stares back at me. She’s a top bird you know.
“From little things, big things grow”.                                

10 Responses to Why Little Things Mean So Much

  • Liz See says:

    Beautiful! Last year I downloaded a gratitude app and every day list things in it and I love it! When you reflect, you realize how many previous things you have in your life….big or small- they all mean so much!

  • Jeanne says:

    You sure are a top bird Nat! And yes, it is the little things that make every day a delight, like the cat that’s curled up on my lap right now. Thank you for sharing x

    • natalie says:

      Thank you Jeanne. I think when we focus on the small stuff, particularly at times when the big stuff is overwhelming it helps us to stay centred. xx

  • Karen Clarke says:

    Lovely post Natalie. Since discovering the need to experience and express gratitude I am amazed at how the things I am grateful for have multiplied. It is literally possible to be grateful for just about everything in life. Thank you for the reminder. xxx

    • natalie says:

      Yes Karen I think like anything you focus on (good or bad) you attract more of the same, so really it is a choice isn’t it. And in all honesty we have so much to be thankful for. x

  • Kama says:

    Natalie how gorgeous! I appreciate your beautiful writing skills and your ability to remind me of all things feminine xx

  • Madonna says:

    Hi Natalie,
    It is very easy to get bogged down in the stuff of life.
    Nice of you to remind us. Loved your own particular little things.

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