The Magic of Beds

One of my fondest memories of being a young girl is my Aunty Lola’s bed. You see she had a king size bed that could fit the feminine collective of my family. This included my Grandmother, my mum, my two aunts, my younger cousin and myself. It was on this bed that I learned about being a woman, the joys, sorrow, trials and tribulations – not that I realized that at the time, I simply loved being immersed in belonging to this circle of women, of hearing their conversation and feeling the cocoon of caring and concern that enveloped us. They would just talk as sisters and mothers do, forgetting the quiet little ones with ears pealed and hearts open.  

As I grew older, the bed was again a physical support for the turmoil and headaches of teenage life as well as the secrets and laughter of hanging with girlfriends. I have recollections of sitting on the bed with my bestest buddy laughing so hard that my stomach hurt and I couldn’t catch my breathe. It was where hopes were shared and tears also. It was my solace, creative space and dream weaver. I see the same in my daughter when her friends are over and there is a part of me that is jealous of that infectious energy, closed against the world and growing up. At these times I really want a bedroom girlfriend who will sit in their pj’s, eat junk and laugh so hard that the champagne comes out of your nose (gross hey but you know what I mean). 

And oh what joys and pleasure can be shared in a bed and how much fun was it to discover the delights beneath the blankets. This brought another type of intimacy and connection. The bed became a cocoon, a bubble of love and heat and deliciousness. At this time the bed and the events within it can becomes a sacred space – a container for divine union and earthly too. Still more whispered endearments, candid conversations, smiles and giggles. True, the sheets also wrapped around pain, despair and loneliness too, but always I was cradled in comfort with a place to rest my head. 

So now it has come full circle and my bed has seen birth, babies, play, ecstasy, sadness and joy. I have had heart to hearts with my husband, daughter and son on the bed. I have read stories, played airplanes, chased away nightmares, wiped away tears, mended friendships, consoled a loss. With my daughter in Canada I have sat on my bed and she on hers and skyped away the distance. I have lost myself in pages and in my partner and still the bed supports the living that goes on.  I am looking forward to the time when I will be the matriarch and hold court in my king size, with daughter and grandchildren, friends and family infusing the bed with memories. 

And If I am so lucky I will pass from here in the arms of my husband, head on pillow, blankets tucked in and dreams fulfilled. 

Sweet Dreams, Natalie 

Natalie is the creator of Spirited Women’s Network and Ruby Moon Dreaming – Encouraging Woman to Be – In fullness and Richness. 



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