Unbreakable but Scarred.

A friend sent me a link that I read with equal parts horror and hope. It got me thinking of how many friends I have that are victims of childhood sexual abuse. In fact one day while having lunch with three of my friends it unfolded that I was the only one who had not had this happen. God forbid I was the minority. What does that say about how warped the world is for incest and abuse to be the ‘norm’. 

I have recently made a fundraising calendar for the Free To Shine charity that provides ongoing education to young girls who have been rescued from or are at risk of being sold into child sex slavery. This is epidemic! This is the systematic rape of innocence, self-esteem, boundaries and love. Someone please tell me the why? Why is this such an attraction for men and women too! Is it the control or power? Is it a deluded sense of affection or love? Is it an attempt on these peoples’ behalf to recapture some essence of childhood within themselves? Or is it a complete lack of disregard and respect for our children and their souls?

What can we do about this? Stand up and voice our concerns about the sexualization of children in the media. Demand harsher penalties for the establishments and patrons of these places that exploit these children. Put more money and support into departments that are supposed to protect children who are at risk in their own homes. Love and listen to our children too. I don’t know what the answer is but if you look at the link you can feel the despair and at the same time the courage!

The women in the link and my friends are unbreakable but they are not without scars. I have watched these same friends ‘be’ in the world with them. In some the scars are barely visible and in others they are like gaping wounds. But all of them are affected and have had to adjust, accept, move past and assimilate in order to have healthy and deep relationships with themselves and others. They are like a record (now I am showing my age). Their individual melody is still complete and beautiful but with a scratch that distorts the flow. 

I know that we are all like that to a degree just from our everyday journey, however having to deal with these traumatic experiences (and their stories are traumatic) is something that I feel very blessed to have not had as part of my own life.  So I want to say to my friends and anyone else out there who have walked this path – you may be scarred but you are unbreakable. Like the bamboo or the willow your integrity, inner strength and core is untouched. 




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  • What a powerful site. I empathise with these men and women, and feel their pain, through these images, but I can’t imagine how it must be for them. I not sure what would be worse, the physical and emotional violation, or the pain of years of silence. Thank goodness they have a voice.

    • natalie says:

      Yes Krishna, I don’t think we really know what it would be like to live with. It is fantastic that there are avenues to be ‘heard’ though I really wish they didn’t have the reason to be ‘screaming out’ in the first place!

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