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I met my first husband when I was twenty one. At the time I remember ringing my mum and saying that I would marry this man. How I knew that after only one meeting I am not sure but something within me just knew. I wish I could say that it was a happy, healthy and long lasting relationship, but I can’t. I ‘loved’ him deeply to my own detriment. We lasted 15years before we ended it for the second and final time. Do I believe he was my soul mate? Yes I do. I learnt so much about myself in that relationship. I feel to the absolute low of lows but in clawing my way to the light again, I strengthened, grew, blossomed and formed. 

When we think or hear of soul mates it is often in that ‘romantic novel’ sense of living happy ever after! But what if there are soul mates for different purposes? I had to love my first husband enough to stick around and fight for what we had. I had to believe in us enough to want to grow and evolve. I am certainly happy not to be there now but would I be who I am if I didn’t go through this experience with him. Would I have the relationship I have now without learning those lessons?

See what I have now is the ‘happy-ever-after’ kind of love. Oh my god it could not be so different. Like with my first husband, I knew without a doubt that this man was for me. It was a long, difficult and confronting journey for us to  be together but it was worth it. This feels like my reward, my treasure and pleasure for doing the hard yards. If you ask me if he is my soul mate I would say joyously ‘yes’. 

So does this mean we can have more than one? Do soul mates actually exist or is it our heart calling for the experience of relationship with specific people? Instead of soul mates is it soul family that we remember and resonate with? I am fascinated by what draws people together above others who have equally attractive qualities. This past weekend I attended a wedding where the bride and groom were both in their mid forties, they had never married or had children. They waited a long time to find each other. Soul mates, divine time or just poor dating skills? 

We have relationships through out our lives but we all know the ones that had a deep connection or impact on us. Is it just about the learnings or is it something much more ‘ordained’? Is it both? Are they intrinsic lessons that need to be learned with a specific person or a relationship in general? Oh the mind and heart boggles! 

Soul mate – 

  • A soulmate or soul mate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, and/or compatibility. …
What do you think?

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  • Kama says:

    Interesting question Natalie. I remember knowing after 10 days that I would marry my now ex husband. It lasted 19 years, and some of those were tough, but like you I am grateful for the lessons which bought me to where I am today. Was he a soul mate? I believe he was a huge part of my soul journey so therefore part of my soul family. Do I believe in soul mates? Yes but in the context of learning the various lessons we are here to learn and not in the romantic sense. I believe if romance is involved then perhaps it is just another element of the soul learning. Hmmm lots to think about here, Thank you Natalie x

  • I’ve wondered about this one too! I believe we have Divine connections with people that we agree to learn with in intimate relationship. I’ve learnt some of my most powerful lessons here and still have a long way to go… I have never been married but I have had relationships with men who have sharped who I am today!

    Lots of love

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