Embracing My Ordinary – Guest Blogger Jenni Parry

Being extraordinary always sounded exhausting to me! It conjured visions of super perfect, super busy, super focused and no time for fun. Ordinary on the other hand had images of bland and beige, blending into the universe, going unnoticed and still zero fun.

For a lot of my life i opted for blending in and camouflaging my uniqueness, restricting my quirkiness, reigning in my rainbow for a beige blend. I thought i was being super clever blending with the crowds and not standing out. I thought i was acting just like one of them, I never understood why i didn’t feel included in the group, i was one of them after all. I got so good at blending in that i completely lost sight of who i really was and what i really loved.

When i wasn’t feeling included or part of the group i was with i would look deeper at what made the others tick and unconsciously take more of that on board. With the belief that it was something that must have been missing. Constantly looking towards the horizon to see what was coming that would bring the solution to not fitting in.

It has only been in the last few years that i realised that being myself and not blending in was the way to be. It took me a while to realise that being my unique and quirky self wouldn’t have me left on my own, isolated and exposed.

After writing a blog a day, all 366 of them, in 2012 it had me perplexed as to why this guest post was not flowing out of me like the others did. Over the last 4 days i have been blank at what to write next, I was “trying” to come up with some tips to share with everyone on how to maintain your ordinary while shining how extraordinary you are.

Then it hit me, i have house guest arriving in a few weeks time to stay for a month, 2 wonderful world traveling adults who i have opened up my house to so they have a place to live in while they come back to Australia for a little while. This is the first time i have had guest staying who aren’t family, I’m excited for them to stay and just realised i was getting ready to dive back into the world of beige and blending to what i believe others standards are to fit in.

I have a 16 year old still living at home with me and i was giving it a red hot go at shaping her into conforming to my blending and being something i’m not. It didn’t work at all. My house is tidy….ish! The dishes never get into the dishwasher after dinner, they usually do the next morning yet that depends on if the child who’s turn it was to empty the dishwasher  has done their job. The floor doesn’t get swept daily and seriously even weekly is pushing it usually. The cushions rarely sit in the one spot on the lounge looking pretty for more than a few minutes. Yet my house is full of love and fun.

How could i write about embracing ordinary, my individual way of doing things if i was busy getting ready to take on board how i believed others lived? I was about to rip myself off by not enjoying their visit as i was to busy second guessing things that i had no right to second guess in the first place.

Embracing my ordinary is all about being in each moment, not a day ahead, not a week behind. Right here now in this moment, embracing it for everything that it is. Being and completely accepting who i am in that moment, not apologising for or making excuses about anything. When i am centred and in sync with myself then my extraordinariness will shine bright to the world, it radiates from within me lighting my path in life. Some moments are lit brilliantly and others it goes a bit dim, this doesn’t signify failure or success it is the ebb and flow of life, just like our chest rises and falls as we breathe… Breathe in your ordinary and exhale your extraordinary and shine.

My uniqueness and individuality is what makes my ordinariness extraordinary. The days of hiding and being beige are over.


Jenni Parry is a multi talented woman who embarked on an epic writing journey of blogging daily for 2012, 366 blogs for 366 days. Immersing herself in a raw, open and honest self discovery journey for all to see, www.embraceordinary.com. Watching sunsets, enjoying a delicious black coffee with a good crema, hanging out with her 3 children, laughing with friends are just a few of the things that make Jenni’s heart sing. Follow her on Facebook: Jenni Parry, Facebook: Embrace Ordinary. Follow her on Twitter: JenniParry, Twitter: Embrace0rdinary(0 = zero)


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