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I’ll never forget a scene of Nicole Kidman in the movie Portrait of a Lady where she is fully clothed in period costume and sensually, sensuously runs her forehead across tassles hanging from a bed. Her eyes were closed, her mouth gently opened. You could almost feel her breath as her whole body was engaged in this act of pure sensuality.

What is it to be sensual?

I was recently staying in a friend’s cabin in Sydney set in the bush and I awoke with the distinct feeling of snake energy within and around me. It moved me to express it through my physical form and all the while an image kept flashing in my mind of two snakes making love – like a dance, no one starting or stopping but one continuous sensual moving embrace of love. Interesting that it is also the Chinese Year of the Snake!

Women are innately, instinctively, intuitively, intelligently sensing and sensual. It is in our blood. It is in our bones. It is in our psyche.

For thousands of years, when we lived off the Earth, our bodies moved with the rhythm of the land. Gathering food, we were close to the land. You probably notice in more indigenous communities, there is a much slower pace of life. You don’t see many running around stressed about where they put their Iphone! There is a sway in their hips that if you could put music to it, it would sound like the heartbeat of the Earth itself.

Every culture has its unique expression and yet modern Western culture has become so stifled in so many ways by religion, social and familial norms. Include in the mix how we are unconsciously dictated to by media, magazines, the internet, into a narrow thin vision of what men want, what we think men want and what we expect of ourselves.

Many may have noticed the boom of practitioners bursting on the scene to help women release their inner goddess in the last few years. As a society, we’ve lost our connection to this rhythm of the Earth – this slow, relaxed, sensing sensuality.

It’s not that there is anything to be fixed. It’s just that there has been so much suppression to fit these norms of society, It helps to reawaken what is already there in the ancient cell memory of the body and psyche.

And this does not mean to swing the pendulum the other way, buy the leathers and the whip and become the sex kitten of the month. It just means to be truly, innocently, deeply, honestly yourself in whatever expression that is. It’s more a resting back in the essence of who you really are as a woman, rather than a going out to seek some version or your concept of what a woman is or should be.

Add love to the mix and you have a woman really living in her own skin.

So whenever you feel like you have lost touch with your own sensuality, think of snake and her silent mesmerizing sensuality … make it a daily practice. You could start right now, as you sit in front of your computer, feel her entering your body and your body will know how to move and how to be. 

Janet McGeever is Australian presenter of The Making Love RetreatTM, a 6 day retreat for couples, that creates the space for renewed intimacy, connection and love. The Making Love Retreat is the work of renowned sexual therapist, Diana Richardson. Janet and her partner are one of only two couples in the world who are authorised by Diana to teach her work. Janet also runs Woman’s Body Woman’s Wisdom, a one day workshop for women exploring their sexuality. 
Janet has been a Creative Arts Therapist, Counsellor and Facilitator for women’s work for more than 15 years. A foundation member of Women’s Wellbeing Association, she has long had a passion for supporting women on their journey to wholeness and love. Her business The Conscious Heart, is founded on the premise that if you bring awareness to matters of the heart and sexuality, you will create a more loving relationship. She has two adult children and lives peacefully in beautiful Maleny with her partner and co-facilitator, Gene Thompson.

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