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Have you ever had an experience that changed you at your core and you knew you were changed to the point of never going back? 

Sometimes though we think we have progressed in that moment but the so called ‘life lessons’ could have been mis-perceived (wrongly assumed to be true) therefore now we may believe life is to be expected in such a way because of this event. For example, your car was stolen, you could now never trust again or your baby was born with problems and you might now believe somehow it’s your ‘fault’ and feel less of a mother.

There are life rocking significant emotional events that can cause us to regress just as there are those that can cause us to progress, however in looking at mis-perceptions in regards to our gender issues such as the ‘weaker sex’ syndrome can cause much unnecessary and yet very real suffering on the planet. 

Women were once (if you go back in time far enough) revered as being the ‘creators’ and ‘givers’ of life. Goddesses because of their innate ability to create and form life within herself therefore life depends on HER. 

Once upon a time the American Indian grandmother’s used to vote for the chiefs and the chiefs respected them and understood that they would know what’s best for the community seeing as they were maternally designed to nurture and of course would have the future well being of the young (therefore the future of their existence) as the highest priority.  Each gender respected the other for it’s innate strengths and neither was above or beneath in value.

So what happened to us? Well there must have been a point where men rose and women suppressed and then everything turned on it’s head. The weaker sex? I imagine a moment in time when men rose in power and women allowed it. Before long we believed it ourselves.

Suppression was born out of this rising and it’s acceptance. That is my belief. How did I come to this belief? Let me share how I witness this everyday when I turn back the clock and use my uniquely designed transformative process to entirely take my clients back to ReCREATE what was meant to be. Sound weird? Stay with me, this might just end up making the most sense you’ve ever heard even if at this stage I sound like a fruit loop. To be honest, I myself found this hard to believe when I first discovered it.

One true example:- Woman comes to me having experienced sexual abuse as a child and is now a 40 year old grandmother who had become hyper vigilant of her own daughters (which also happened to her own daughter regardless of her intent for it to never happen and it happened to her mother and several of her friends that she knows of) and is still mentally tormented by these past events to the point of it affecting her not liking sex and with strong feelings of resentment, non-forgiveness, shame, anxiety and fear to name just a few of the major emotions.

YES this can happen to boys and does happen to many but it is most highly prevalent amongst girls and if she were born a boy it simply would not likely have happened.

40 years of un-enjoyed sex? Years and years of not trusting? Years wasted remembering past sufferings? Fearing men? As if all that’s not bad enough, she hated herself to the point of self-loathing. All because of mistaken perceptions in the past.  

After 2 hours inside of my transformative process she has happy tears that have replaced the tears of pain. Why? We didn’t take away just the feelings, we didn’t address the ‘events’, NO, we simply removed the suppression, the ‘weaker’ syndrome. We found the place of being revered and worked backwards bringing that oldest KNOWING of being special, important and ENOUGH as she is which taught her that the mis-perceptions were just that, mis-perceptions, un-truths. 

She NOW realises that it was the perpetrators who had issues of dominance and weakness for whatever reason. She accepted that her own happiness was her own responsibility and she had mistakenly given it up to the perpetrators and took on their own inadequacies to be hers.  In fact, she felt sorry for them.

After her own evolution had been stifled for so long, she had now rapidly caught up on her life lessons as if the mis-perceptions throughout time had never occurred at all. The mis-perceptions re-evaluated causing a HIGHER level of CONSCIOUSNESS to be accessed from the ‘special place’ and the lessons that came through to her so that now she could ONLY MOVE FORWARD. She was free. All was as it should be……

You see ladies, we always were butterflies, right at the beginning we were meant to fly.

 It was a mistaken perception that we are ‘less’ than a male or bound by limitations. It is however captured in our genetic memory. Until cleared from where they originated most attempts to clear out emotions will not be permanent because they will regenerate from the deep old suppression. 

Suppression is our deepest problem as a gender, when removed we can NEVER GO BACK because to remove it we go back to the very beginning! We are rising and catching up in our evolution of consciousness. It’s not too late because our babies have only begun their lives and for all the generations to come we should be the ones  that say NO MORE, rise and be set free. If not us then who? If not now then when?

Fly and soar as you were meant to! Not just for you, it’s your birthright, your privilege and you are not the weaker sex, it was a mistaken bleep in history that we simply have to UNdo.

 Maz (Marylin Schirmer)

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