10 Ways to Find Your Mojo

indexRecently I posted on facebook that I felt I had lost my mojo – I was feeling tired, down, unmotivated and a little bit joyless. What came back was a list of divine ways to help me retrieve it. I know I am not the only one who feels like this at times so I decided to share the suggestions just in case your mojo has gone walk about too. Now I know we can’t all take a gorgeous young Jamaican lover like Stella (Movie “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”) but these will help you to re-ignite a little mojo magic.

  1. Dance – ‘Dance like no one is watching’. Dancing with abandon allows us to release endorphins, to get out of our mind space and to get back into our bodies. Moving to a rhythm helps to reestablish our own and awakens the wild woman in us. We need her to bring passion to our lives.
  2. Listen to your body – They say that ‘the body is the barometer of the soul’ so listen to what it is whispering to you. Do you need more sleep, more ‘alive’ food, more movement? Is it craving yoga, walks, gym? Where are you hurting in your body, where are you holding stress? Let go!
  3. Rest and rejuvenate – We are so, so busy, so, so much that our rest time is often still filled with mind chatter and ‘to do’s’. When you rest and rejuvenate, do it properly. Try candles, a bath, soft music. Or a soft cushion, blanket and good book to get lost in. Perhaps a gentle walk in nature or quiet time beneath a tree. What ever you choose really relax. Go the whole hog.
  4. Travel – When you are out of comfort zone and experiencing the new, it can bring a fresh perspective to life. You can experiment with different aspects of self – the adventurous self, the bold self, the contemplative self, the talkative self, the spontaneous self. You may find that the self you discover wants to come back from your travels with you and express in your everyday life.
  5. Feel – Be quiet, be still, be open and feel. How do you truly feel – not the reaction – the response to life that is within you. What are your feelings telling you, guiding you, asking you to be or do? Our feelings  are a great indicator of what is out of balance and what isn’t. Listen to the quiet voice of feeling and then make a choice – honour them or stay stuck.
  6. Write in a journal – Sometimes by actually having to formulate our thoughts into words we garner new insights into what is going on for us. Or just by opening a page and writing without agenda, the words flowing without censorship, we are surprised by the wisdom that we hold. Writing is freeing, releasing and insightful. What is your next chapter?
  7. Community – Spend time with people you love. We are all a part of a community – family, friends, interest groups. Ask people you trust what they love about you. Or volunteer your time and energy in the community. Giving to others is a wonderful way to bring you up and make you feel so much ‘greater’. You can get out of your own way.
  8. Meditate – Connecting to your Higher Self or Spirit always helps to put things into perspective. Quietening the mind allows space for your truth, your heart voice to speak to you. Ask for guidance and listen without thought to the answer.
  9. Diet – And I am not just talking about what you put in your mouth here. Of course healthy eating supports your whole being and creates a feeling of well-being but I am also talking about what you are reading, viewing, doing, the people you spend time with, your menu of thoughts and beliefs. Own your space -internally and externally – and be mindful of what you are digesting.
  10. Make love – Back to the lover! There is no better way to connect than with your sensuality and sexuality and especially if you share it with someone you care about. Even if that is yourself! Making love in all sense of the word is a divine experience and since you are divinity the mojo can’t help but kick on in. This is the ultimate in honouring you and another.

Now this is just a few ways of mojo-ing back. I am sure if you really tried you would find many more. If Stella can get her groove back then so can we and what fun in the process!




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