We can’t possibly teach that – can we?

boys-meditatingI have been having many conversations recently about Education, both with parents and teachers. I know that teachers are doing the best that they can with what they have but I really have to wonder whether the curriculum being dictated is serving the children it is meant to. I absolutely agree that we need literacy and numeracy but what about other subjects that are going to help children and young adults grow into productive, balanced, compassionate, resilient, motivated and happy adults? What about tools that will assist them to function and thrive in an increasingly difficult adult world. We all know that our childhood has a huge impact on how we relate and function as adults so let us give them the knowledge and tools to choose the life they want to live.

Here is a list of subjects I would like to see introduced into schools (at the appropriate age and level) – 

  • Meditation
  • Communication and Conversation
  • Money and home Management
  • Self-esteem/worth classes
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Sacred sexuality
  • Relationship skills
  • Community and Environmental Input/Impact
  •  Creativity classes
  • Fitness, Health and Lifestyle classes
  • Spirituality

Can you imagine if these topics were introduced and taught as part of the twelve year journey that is our education system.  Imagine a society where these skills were already available before young adults stepped into the workforce and relationships.  

Perhaps it is a pipe dream, but boy is it an exciting one!




2 Responses to We can’t possibly teach that – can we?

  • Hello Natalie,
    I just couldn’t help but read your post. This is not only a dream but reality. There is such a school called Sathya Sai School in Murwillumbah, NSW, which teaches Human Values to their children & the education is FREE. The school operates from Govt grants and donations.

    The little children come from very poor families where they are also brought up single parents. This education is making a very positive impact on the children as they do daily meditation, practice right conduct, love, respect; learn good communication skills, dedication & commitment to their education. It’s creating a ripple effect in their homes and in their small community.

    We really hope that this education system spreads across all schools in Australia.

    With love & gratitude,
    Devika Kahtri

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