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881707-babyThis week we had the first interview in our ‘Body Brilliance’ series on Sacred and Sassy radio. Our guest was Annie O’Moon Browning from My Health Sanctuary talking about natural conception, pre-conception and Epigenetics. While having a pre-discussion about this topic, Annie happened to mention that a 30 something friend of hers is involved in a baby group and out of that group of 15 mothers, she was the only one who had conceived naturally. I don’t know about you but that blows me away. When did falling pregnant get to be so hard! When did we begin to rely so heavily on medical intervention to produce something that we were created as a race to do? Look I know there IVF has been a godsend to many parents who desperately want to have children, and that it really wouldn’t be something you would opt to do if given a choice, but why is it more and more couples are turning to it?

Well according to Annie, much of the problem lies with our lifestyle. Women are choosing to have babies later in life – after travel, career and finding the right partner – so their egg count is already significantly lower. Stress, toxins, poor nutrition, hormone imbalance and obesity all play a factor in both men and women. And if your partner travels extensively for work (particularly flying) that can also effect sperm count! Annie advocates at least four months of pre-preparation before you even think of conceiving to counteract all the factors mentioned above. Phew! Forget the condoms, just live in today’s western culture. What once was taken for granted can no longer be the case it seems.

It seems a sad fact that with everything we have – all the conveniences, all the extras, all the abundance of choice we have that is supposed to make our lives easier, richer and less tiresome – could actually be a contributing factor to not only our own decline but also to the increase of babies who have illness, disease and problems. We are fertile in so many ways but declining in our ability to create babies.A first world issue that is just a little scary.

I am just happy that I was able to naturally conceive and birth both my beautiful children and have them grow into healthy young adults. However if you want to know a few simple things you can do to increase your chances of a natural conception and healthy baby you can listen to Annie’s interview. Good luck!






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