A Ritual In The Art of Eating

m2WYZka8oG1L8RhZQDzqzQgOne of the many key points I picked up from interviewing Annie Clark about the Art of Eating on Sacred and Sassy Radio was that the state you are in when eating is just as important as what you eat. I thought about that and realized how many times dinner is a rushed affair or I am focusing on what I need to do later or how stupid it seems to be to spend so long preparing dinner when it is gone in about 10 minutes. The one thing we do insist on is that we all eat dinner together without tv, ipods, computers etc, one of the few times throughout the day that we are all in the one place. Why not make it as pleasant as possible, why not make it, as Annie said a ‘celebration’ – not in the party hooters, rambunctious, hectic kind of way but in the quiet acknowledgement of being together, having good food, a roof over our heads, we are all healthy kind of way?

So to encourage the harmony around eating I have put together some rituals that you may want to incorporate to embrace the Art of Eating.

  • Before preparing the food make the ‘space’ as pleasant as possible. Put on some soft music, grab a glass of wine, set the kids in front of the television (yes, I know but sometimes it is useful), buy a funky and fabulous apron that you feel good in, have a clear space and be in the moment.
  • While preparing the food focus on what you are doing. Really get your senses involved. Look at the colours, take big whiffs of the food, feel the textures of things before you cut them, do lots of taste tests, listen to the crunch, the slosh, the sigh of the food you are preparing.
  • Surround the whole experience in a sense of gratitude, imbue the food with love and appreciation for the people you are preparing it for, bless the food for it’s nourishment and sustenance. Check in on your own vibe and inner space. Are you in a state of resentment, anger, anxiety, rush? Change the perspective and harmonize your energetic output.¬†
  • When eating. Go slow and savour the food. You took the time to prepare it so take the time to appreciate it. Sit at the table with a candle or flowers, nice mats or table cloth. Keep the conversation positive and light. Use the time to go around the table and say one thing you are grateful for from the day.
  • When finished eating – say thank you. Spend a moment to feel the satisfaction.

Adopting one or two of these ritual suggestions will go a long way to making you a culinary artist.

Blessings, Natalie



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