5 Reasons to Give Yourself Permission to Self-Indulge.

by Natalie Hennessey


This is the first blog post I have written on my new website. This is a bit of a milestone because this is the first time I have put myself out there. You see my role in the previous “Spirited Women’s Movement business” was as admin, creator, supporter and promoter of other women’s businesses. It was a role I was very comfortable in as it meant I could stay in the background and help others to achieve their dreams. A noble undertaking perhaps, but a cowardly one. I had my own dreams, ambitions, gifts and business I wanted to create but it was safer to quietly and meekly do my thing and not make too much of a fuss.

At the beginning of 2014 there was an incident – not a very dynamic or ­­­devastating one, but it was the one that broke the camel’s back and I knew I had to step up and step out or…. step away. With the decision made I needed to put it into action and the one characteristic that I felt I needed to adopt with vigour was self-indulgence. You see I am a giver and unless I started giving to myself, my dreams, ambitions, gifts and business were always going to be relegated to the background.  By practicing in a bit of self-indulgence and especially when I considered the reasons below, I was able to follow my path with acceptance and gratitude. What you see on my website is my core and essence. It is out there now loud and proud and I love it.

So I want to share with you the 5 reasons why self-indulgence is a necessity in life and why you shouldn’t judge the word and action too harshly…..

  1. Fill Your Own Tank – Everyone is busy, everyone is doing their thing, everyone is looking for ways to get their needs filled. If you are a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend or employee/er then the demands on you are never ending. It seems the more that you give the more everyone wants. You can’t rely on anyone to fill your tank consistently or even consciously and in fact it’s not their job too.  It is up to you.  Because remember if your tank is on empty and there is no time or activity set aside for you to refuel, then you aren’t going to be much good to anyone, including yourself.  Be self-indulgent even if it is 15mins out of each day where you take your cup of tea somewhere quiet and unwind.
  2. Share Your Gifts – If you don’t indulge in the things that make your soul sing. If you don’t allow time to be with ‘Self’ – to know who you are and what you want, how can you share your gifts with the world? Every single one of us is born with unique qualities. We all have abilities and characteristics that are needed in the world, otherwise why would you be here? If you don’t indulge in time to develop, nurture and share these gifts you are robbing the world and the people who would need and enjoy those gifts the opportunity to do so.
  3. Your time and energy is valuable – We only have a certain amount of time in each day and a certain amount of time in this life so why waste it on things, experiences and people that do not fill it with joy and purpose? I know that we all have certain jobs or chores that need to be done in everyday existing but what about the rest of the time? Don’t you think that you could be self-indulgent and chose to fill your days with what brings a smile to your face and warmth to your heart?  Be picky who and what you give your time and energy to.
  4. You deserve it – We are often brought up to believe that we must always put others first, that poverty and service are two sides of the one coin, that selfishness is the evil twin of selflessness. I disagree…. When are serving and being selfless out of ego, or a need to be needed or out of resentment or duty then it does not serve anyone. When, however, we give and serve from a place of worth, from a place of gratitude, from a place of wanting to – then the energy behind that serving is so powerful and supportive.  You deserve to be self-indulgent because your worth comes from caring and loving self and putting yourself as a priority. When your cup is overflowing it can bless so many people around you.  Don’t you deserve to feel like that?
  5. Be an example – How many people do you know who are unwell, stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy? How many people do you know who are trying to be someone or something they are not? When you practice the art of self-indulgence, when you make sure your tank is full, share your gifts, value your time and know your worth people will look at you and think ‘I want what they’ve got’. Show them that indulging in Self with a higher consciousness, with awareness, with self-love is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Through this, amazing things happen, your life is co-created and you are a beautiful example to those who don’t know the way.

I welcome you to my new self-indulgent website and business. If you feel the calling to indulge in time for your personal growth and journey I am here to help you do just that.

Namaste and blessings,


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