Life’s Purpose – Let It Go

1940There is a lot of ‘talk’ around finding your purpose. It is suggested that everyone has a life’s purpose a reason for being here, a special gift or job to do. And although this may be true, seeking and searching for and often not finding or discovering this individualized and unique purpose can be challenging and worse, stressful. There is a certain implication that if we don’t find and live our purpose that we are somehow incomplete, or not fulfilling a destiny. I do believe we have innate gifts and talents, which when we know what they are and begin to share them, can create immense joy and satisfaction in our lives – but striving to find ‘our purpose’ can sometimes hold us back, create barriers, expectations and idealism that do not serve us. What if we just let it go and instead…

We just focus on living a life of purpose or living a purpose-filled life…..

To me this simply implies living our lives with awareness, consciousness and intention – of more fully and deliberately spending time and energy doing those things that bring meaning and depth, not only to our lives, but also to the lives of others.  What if the reason we are here is exactly that – to live a life that is expressed and created with the purpose of filling it with happiness, contentment, creativity, sacredness, gifting and compassion. If this was the case then there would be greater flexibility and freedom for those unique talents or skills you possess, those ideas and dreams, those jobs or careers, to show up in the world.

In this way we would be responding to life’s adventure rather than reacting to it. We would be deliberately manifesting rather than unconscious unfolding. We would be imbuing our days and nights with a feeling of adventure and delightful expectation of what is to come – we would be hope generators. Now as a purpose that is pretty damn sweet. Imagine living life with conviction and commitment to evolving. The more people who choose to live a purpose-filled life, the less fear, negativity and mindless following would occur.

It may mean that in the process of ‘purposefully’ sharing you discover a specific thing or action that fills you with passion and a desire to explore it to the fullest degree – what you may find is your life’s purpose and what a lovely, organic and graceful way for that to occur.  But if not then you have the satisfaction of being a deliberate co-creator of beauty.  When we do things with purpose, with mindful intention, with focused vibration we are fulfilling that calling to be on path in a more expanded way.

So relax – your ‘life’s purpose’ may or may not come to you but in the meantime let it go and live a life of purpose instead.  

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