Is It Too Much To Freakin Ask….?

11009192_10152748553801570_2657408388746831698_nI went to go shopping the other day – some groceries, a new top, some fruit and vege.  It wasn’t until I was half way through the grocery shop that I became aware of my habit of mindful shopping and I began to question when shopping became a strategic and time consuming exercise. Not only do I look for the best buy, but I am also reading ingredients and checking for certain symbols and words on the labels. Seriously – it has become a tactical task. I do it because I care and am concerned at what my consumer dollar is supporting. My question is, why should I have to? Is it too much to freakin ask –

  • That the organizations, businesses and companies provide and create their products with integrity?
  • That the bottom line isn’t one tainted with blood and sweat?
  • That the food I am eating hasn’t been mutated, poisoned and pumped full of artificial everything.
  • That animals have not had to endure unnecessary suffering, that their ending is humane?
  • That what is in the food isn’t going to cause allergies, reactions, behaviour problems and illness?
  • That some child isn’t sweating in a tiny shop so that my clothing is cheap?
  • That the life giving trees are not being cut down to destroy livelihoods, lives and habitats?
  • That greed does not anesthetize respect, compassion and common sense?

Well obviously it is asking too much because here I am using my palm oil app, discarding products with preservatives, checking the tuna is dolphin friendly, buying clothes from a store that has an okay score for conscious production and knowing I will have to wash all my f&v’s cause I can’t afford organic. I accept my role as the trolley warrior and march back into war – doing my little part to send a message and dreaming of a day when this is unnecessary.




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