When Your Year is a Nothing Year.

10928188_10204589545284399_6987405713758673163_nSo here we are in 2016. I have to say I am kinda glad, 2015 was one of those years for me that you can’t help but wish away. I was pleased to watch it slip by at the stroke of midnight. It’s not as though it was particularly tumultuous or challenging or depressing… it is just that I completely lost who I am… and that was a bit scary.

You see the first half of the year all of my ‘roles’ were stripped away. All those ways I identify myself as me were shaken up and I felt my foundation crumble a little. It culminated in me laying in my bed in the dark, tears on my cheeks and heaviness in my heart. I had a strong sense that I could walk out of my life at the moment and no one would notice – a bit melodramatic perhaps – but that was how I felt. After I allowed myself to feel the anger and grief around that I eventually noticed a welcoming sense of peace around it and then unbelievably, a sense of freedom. If I wasn’t any of those roles, if I didn’t wear those expectations and sense of obligation, I could be anything I wanted to be.

Of course I am not running away to be a gypsy or divorcing my husband and family but it did make me question why I couldn’t have that same sense of freedom in my present circumstances. This led me on a journey for the rest of the year that allowed me to re-examine and reconnect with my relationship to joy and grace and ultimately to Spirit. It was less about what I ‘do’ and more about how I ‘be’. It led me to step back from validation from those roles and into a stronger sense of self.  I recognized that I am everything and nothing at the same time and that my specific walk on this Earth is the twist. And I have to say I like being a little twisted.

So how do we live as nothing and everything. Here are a few tips I garnered over my 2015 journey –

  • Keep coming back to centre – in times of doubt, anxiety or confusion bring yourself, your awareness back to your centre (check in). Look at your ‘problem’ or ‘challenge’ from your true perspective (that is not influenced by others) and check in with your higher self. Allow your inner wisdom to guide you.
  • Walk through life in loving detachment – We all have ‘roles’ that we play, but if you fill those roles without being attached to those roles then you can bring wisdom, perspective, humour and grace into how they are expressed. It is like watching yourself on stage, knowing that the real you is not affected by the drama happening.
  • Cultivate interconnectedness – I know I am an energetic being, Spirit and science tell us this is so, as is everything else around us. Practising an awareness of this energetic connecting and mingling brings you closer to it all. Look through ‘God eyes’ and see people as their soul selves.

I hope your 2016 is also a year of discovery for you….

Blessings, Natalie



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