About Spirited Women’s Movement


To create a world wide movement of magnificent women who are ready to be the catalysts for enduring, empowering and ecological change in the world. To hold the space for the Divine Feminine to be honoured through the dynamic energy and expression of women who are custodians of their own growth and the unfolding healing of humanity.

“The world will be saved by the Western Woman” Dalai Lama

“If we are going to see real development in the world then our best investment is women” Desmond Tutu.


To encourage, support and celebrate women who step into their radiance and help heal the world through sharing their light and leadership.

The Energy of Spirited Women’s Movement  

Spirited Women’s Movement was created from my desire to support women to have choice, believing that an empowered woman is a magical woman. This premise has evolved with the understanding that an empowered woman is not only magical but can affect enormous change and growth – personally, locally and globally. In fact Desmond Tutu stated “If you want to see real change in the world, then our best investment is women”. If we combine this with the notion that “Western Women will save the world” as shared by the Dalai Lama, then it is imperative that women embrace this destiny. Women who are willing to ‘be the change’ will be the forerunners and pioneers of global evolution. Spirited Women’s Movement provides the space, support, celebration and acknowledgement of women who are choosing to be catalysts for transformation. If this is you – if you are an ambassador of change; if you are an agent of spiritual expansion, if you are a leader of inspiration – then Spirited Women’s Movement is your place of expression.

We are all on our individual journeys and yet we are dependent on each other and Mother Earth.  Collectively we determine the quality of life we will ultimately have on this planet.  Spirited Women’s Movement exists to hold sacred space for those women and men who are aligned with the vision of a unified, peaceful and healed world of ‘Oneness’.

About Natalie

I believe that everyone has beauty, a right to happiness, the ability to create a life they want and to be themselves without ridicule or condemnation. I believe that my purpose is to assist people to discover that in themselves and embrace it with joy.

I have always been a seeker (of truth, knowledge, understanding) and a giver (looking for ways to be of service).  And if you were to ask me what I felt was important in life I would say love, connection, health, creativity and respect.  These foundational values have been my guide from early childhood. I chose to become a vegetarian at 10 years of age, I was always bringing home stray or orphaned animals, I spent a lot of time hanging about in trees, collecting rocks and feathers, I joined charities, befriended anyone, went to the gym, read about spirituality and loved nothing more than to write poetry and dance.

These idiosyncrasies have stayed with me into adult life. I still love animals and nature, write to soothe my creative side, take care of my health, am a vegetarian and will cut it up on the dance floor anytime.  I abhor cruelty of any kind and believe that as a collective we are responsible for stopping its encroachment.

I have been a special education teacher for 15 years, and I am the creator of Ruby Moon Dreaming my coaching (sistering) business. I have studied a number of alternative therapies. All of these expressions bring joy, gratitude and lushness to my life. I have two personal mantras “Dancing the Dragonfly Way” and “I believe in kindness and also in mischief”. 

My life’s journey has presented a number of challenging situations and circumstances but through them I have grown immensely – learning to love myself, be non-judgmental toward others, stand strong in my values and boundaries and to give with an open heart and mind.  This means that I can relate to others with compassion, curiosity and a little bit of cheekiness.

I am happily married to my soul mate, adore my two children (a daughter and a son) and my two step children and am blessed to have a wonderful family and friends who are diverse in character but similar in heart energy.  My beautiful dog Bailey arrived as a stray 8 years ago and has been our ‘Angel’ dog ever since.  I live in the most beautiful, tranquil environment for which I am always grateful to come home to.

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