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Wanted “Expansive” Blogs to inspire, transform, uplift! Ones that cause people to question, to quest, to look inward, to share outward. If your blog is about personal or spiritual growth, transformation, journeying or evolution then join the Spirited Women’s Movement. 

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  1. Brene Brown is one of my favorite authors and gives me all sorts of "aha's" - which author just gets you?

    Brene Brown is one o
  2. Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka.
  3. white wet chiffon

    white wet chiffon
  4. This Instagram Tackles A Body-Image Issue Faced By Women Of ALL Sizes+#refinery29

    This Instagram Tackl
  5. I should have been born in the ’50′s when THIS was the standard (actually, I'd rather this be the standard now)

    I should have been b
  6. The French and Senegalese visual artist challenges notions of race and gender through her collage and masked portrait series.

    The French and Seneg