A Ritual In The Art of Eating

m2WYZka8oG1L8RhZQDzqzQgOne of the many key points I picked up from interviewing Annie Clark about the Art of Eating on Sacred and Sassy Radio was that the state you are in when eating is just as important as what you eat. I thought about that and realized how many times dinner is a rushed affair or I am focusing on what I need to do later or how stupid it seems to be to spend so long preparing dinner when it is gone in about 10 minutes. The one thing we do insist on is that we all eat dinner together without tv, ipods, computers etc, one of the few times throughout the day that we are all in the one place. Why not make it as pleasant as possible, why not make it, as Annie said a ‘celebration’ – not in the party hooters, rambunctious, hectic kind of way but in the quiet acknowledgement of being together, having good food, a roof over our heads, we are all healthy kind of way?

So to encourage the harmony around eating I have put together some rituals that you may want to incorporate to embrace the Art of Eating. Continue reading “A Ritual In The Art of Eating” »

Western Culture – best form of contraception

881707-babyThis week we had the first interview in our ‘Body Brilliance’ series on Sacred and Sassy radio. Our guest was Annie O’Moon Browning from My Health Sanctuary talking about natural conception, pre-conception and Epigenetics. While having a pre-discussion about this topic, Annie happened to mention that a 30 something friend of hers is involved in a baby group and out of that group of 15 mothers, she was the only one who had conceived naturally. I don’t know about you but that blows me away. When did falling pregnant get to be so hard! When did we begin to rely so heavily on medical intervention to produce something that we were created as a race to do? Look I know there IVF has been a godsend to many parents who desperately want to have children, and that it really wouldn’t be something you would opt to do if given a choice, but why is it more and more couples are turning to it? Continue reading “Western Culture – best form of contraception” »

Sense and Sensuality by Janet McGeever – Guest Blog

I’ll never forget a scene of Nicole Kidman in the movie Portrait of a Lady where she is fully clothed in period costume and sensually, sensuously runs her forehead across tassles hanging from a bed. Her eyes were closed, her mouth gently opened. You could almost feel her breath as her whole body was engaged in this act of pure sensuality.

What is it to be sensual?

I was recently staying in a friend’s cabin in Sydney set in the bush and I awoke with the distinct feeling of snake energy within and around me. It moved me to express it through my physical form and all the while an image kept flashing in my mind of two snakes making love – like a dance, no one starting or stopping but one continuous sensual moving embrace of love. Interesting that it is also the Chinese Year of the Snake!

Women are innately, instinctively, intuitively, intelligently sensing and sensual. It is in our blood. It is in our bones. It is in our psyche.

For thousands of years, when we lived off the Earth, our bodies moved with the rhythm of the land. Gathering food, we were close to the land. You probably notice in more indigenous communities, there is a much slower pace of life. You don’t see many running around stressed about where they put their Iphone! There is a sway in their hips that if you could put music to it, it would sound like the heartbeat of the Earth itself.

Every culture has its unique expression and yet modern Western culture has become so stifled in so many ways by religion, social and familial norms. Include in the mix how we are unconsciously dictated to by media, magazines, the internet, into a narrow thin vision of what men want, what we think men want and what we expect of ourselves.

Many may have noticed the boom of practitioners bursting on the scene to help women release their inner goddess in the last few years. As a society, we’ve lost our connection to this rhythm of the Earth – this slow, relaxed, sensing sensuality.

It’s not that there is anything to be fixed. It’s just that there has been so much suppression to fit these norms of society, It helps to reawaken what is already there in the ancient cell memory of the body and psyche.

And this does not mean to swing the pendulum the other way, buy the leathers and the whip and become the sex kitten of the month. It just means to be truly, innocently, deeply, honestly yourself in whatever expression that is. It’s more a resting back in the essence of who you really are as a woman, rather than a going out to seek some version or your concept of what a woman is or should be.

Add love to the mix and you have a woman really living in her own skin.

So whenever you feel like you have lost touch with your own sensuality, think of snake and her silent mesmerizing sensuality … make it a daily practice. You could start right now, as you sit in front of your computer, feel her entering your body and your body will know how to move and how to be. 

Janet McGeever is Australian presenter of The Making Love RetreatTM, a 6 day retreat for couples, that creates the space for renewed intimacy, connection and love. The Making Love Retreat is the work of renowned sexual therapist, Diana Richardson. Janet and her partner are one of only two couples in the world who are authorised by Diana to teach her work. Janet also runs Woman’s Body Woman’s Wisdom, a one day workshop for women exploring their sexuality. 
Janet has been a Creative Arts Therapist, Counsellor and Facilitator for women’s work for more than 15 years. A foundation member of Women’s Wellbeing Association, she has long had a passion for supporting women on their journey to wholeness and love. Her business The Conscious Heart, is founded on the premise that if you bring awareness to matters of the heart and sexuality, you will create a more loving relationship. She has two adult children and lives peacefully in beautiful Maleny with her partner and co-facilitator, Gene Thompson.

YOUR BREASTS ARE TALKING TO YOU! – guest blog by Jean Sheehan

The human body is a blueprint for your most dominant thoughts.
 It is a print out of the internal vibration. 
Our bodies hold on to our experiences, thoughts and belief systems. 
The body is a reflection of our truth and shows our unconscious secrets. 
You are the author of your life. Your biography becomes your biology in your body.” © by Jean Sheehan  


*Please note this information has been researched and facts gathered for the last 15 years from Jean Sheehan’s consults and studies. Names have been changed for confidentiality.

 Breast cancer is a ‘common’ disease in Western countries. There are girls as young as 9 years old are being diagnosed with breast cancer. Why? What is the Metaphysical reasons behind breast cancer?  Each and every body part has a consciousness or belief system. When a body ‘forgets’ its role, it will become diseased and talk to the person to make them aware of the internal vibration. Disease is the blueprint or print out of the internal vibration in manifestation to make the individual aware of what is happening. The consciousness of the breast includes respect, nourishment, nurturing, acceptance, sensuality and sexuality. We have a nipple chakra which relates to neediness and resentment.

1. Respect

The meaning of RESPECT is:
~ is to take notice of, 
~ to regard with special attention,
~ to regard as worthy of special consideration.

Breast cancer can be related to disrespect and the fact of a child never feeling noticed. This belief can be carried through to any relationships she has as an adult. If the breast cancer is on the left side, it would relate to females/mothers/women. If the Breast Cancer is on the right side relates men/father/males. This is perception can be a pattern repeated and magnetize a partner that will treat disrespectfully. If the women does not see herself as worthwhile for what she has created or done in the past she can repel any loving attention. Annie, had created breast cancer. She continually attracted men that treated her with disrespect and disregard as though she was nothing and not valuable. She treated herself that way too. Annie never put herself first and never gave herself attention. She never acknowledged her success or achievements but was great at criticizing herself. Annie had a secret – she did not see she made a difference to people’s lives.

 2. Nourishment 

Holistic health is the mind, body, spirit. It is how we nourish or feed ourselves. When women become Mothers they ensure the family is nourished in the mind, body, spirit before she is. Once breast cancer has been diagnosed women can change their lifestyle to include nourishment to them selves. Soul nourishment is important  to learn to love your self unconditionally. To nourish the soul connect with people that enhance your life and feed your soul with love. Nourishing the mind is critical and is done by being fully aware of the emotions.   Heather stated she felt alone and neglected. Her husband worked continually and away. She had feelings of being isolated and malnourished. She lived on cigarettes and peppermint lollies. There was definitely no sweetness in life for her and she had no family/friends to share her grievances with. Her food/fluid intake was destroying her body and creating more fear based emotions as the cigarettes were stimulating hormones to be on fight/flight mode. She did not eat anything nourishing such as fruit, vegetables, juices, and her water in take was nil. Heather’s mind kept seeing her husband as a male chauvinistic man. She never welcomed him and expected him to treat her like a princess. She continually surrounded herself with unpleasant experiences and unpleasant people. The breast cancer awakened within her that is was time for a life style change and to see her life and husband in a nourishing way and that she had isolated herself. 

3. Nurturing

Life is about nurturing ourselves no matter what we have experienced in childhood or life. This subject is similar to nourishment relating it to the metaphysical creation of breast cancer. The difference is that there is no blame on anyone else for how you are as we are responsible for our thoughts, actions, beliefs and results. There are no failures, only results. Your body will show you if you are not nurturing yourself by having pain, discomfort or disease. Why rely on someone else – do for you what you wish was done by others. Surround yourself with loving people and inspirational people that will support your growth and enhance your core being which is love.  Melanie stated she had a great childhood which was loving and nurturing. Her life was easy and she loved school. If this was the case why did Melanie have breast cancer? Something must have been blocking to create this disease. Melanie was full of praise for everyone except herself. She was so cruel on herself and such high expectations. Melanie was an ‘A’ grade student who did not recognize her own abilities. She saw herself as too fat even though she had an amazing body for a 55 year old woman. She She starved herself of nurturing as she was constantly expecting herself to be better in and all everything she did. Although extremely educated with several Masters degrees, Melanie educated her mind with ‘she was dumb’.

4. Acceptance  

As souls having a human experience we are constantly striving to feel accepted. It is being able to be one with all and receiving approval. What is acceptable and approved for a woman? The main concept is can you accept yourself for what you have or have not done, said, thought, etc? The less you accept yourself, the more chances you have of creating breast cancer. It does not matter what others think of you as ultimately it is what you think of yourself.  Karen’s confidence was non existent. This occurred due to the continual verbal abuse from her ex partner and then her mental abuse confirming what he said to herself. The partner left and karen was given the freedom to really see herself and slowly she saw how she was and is acceptable.

 5. Sensuality  

In this new generation, sensuality is often mixed up with the giving of yourself as a an object and in the context of your body and sex, many young girls are confusing sensuality with having sex rather than a close intimate relationship with themselves as a woman and then with a partner depending on age, development etc. The dictionary meaning is the gratification of the senses, leading on to sexual sensations. As women, sometimes in the desperation to feel loved and accepted, a woman may use her body as an object and therefore may not feel sensual. Some woman never see themselves as a sensual being, or that their body parts are attractive in a sexual way, especially to others. Some women share that as a child they were a ‘tom boy’. Growing up they did not understand the womanly growths such as breasts growing, menstrual cycles, etc. Some of these women did not want to see themselves as it brought up that they felt like a sexual toy for someone else which closed their own personal door to sensuality.
Jo was a ‘tom boy’ as a child. Her name was Josephine but was called Jo. She never related to being a girl and loved playing with the boys. As a teenager Jo tried to have relationships with boys but it always a ‘one night stand’ or just sex as she could not relate to the sensuality within herself. Jo could never connect with her body especially when her breast grew or when she commenced menstrual cycle. Jo was angry she had breast cancer and had decided to have a radical mastectomy. Her Specialist had suggested she have both breasts removed ‘just in case’ to which she was happy. Yet she only had cancer in her right breast and it was not in her lymph nodes either. It was an awareness that she did not know how to allow herself to enjoy the sensuality of sex and the senses of sex. Jo had a fear of emotional and physical intimacy with anyone and that included herself. This resulted in creating breast cancer.

6. Sexuality

Sexuality can be defined as the quality or state of being sexual. Quite often it is the aspect of one’s need for closeness, caring and touch. It is the condition of being characterized and distinguished by sex. On a subconscious level, some women deny their own desires and belief systems that they desire to be close to someone, usually their partner. This desire is to be close and feel cared for. A human behaviour of expressing this act is through sex.  Unknown to her she has created a disease which will make the partner close and care for her – she thinks. Another reason for creating breast cancer subconsciously is that the woman disrespects herself for sexual acts she has done in the past all in the name of wanting desperately to feel close, loved and cared for. This trait has been seen in the prostitute occupation, especially.  Kathy explained that she had used her body as an object and totally disrespected it. She had always wanted love and thought she could get it from having sex with men. She also had learnt that this was love as her Father used to sexually abuse her from 5 years old to 11 years old. She had deep shame for what she had done as an adult and definitely did not accept herself and also was shameful for what her Father had asked her to do. She knew it was not her fault but the emotions of the shame were locked into her breast lymph nodes (lymphatic system holds guilt).

7. Neediness (Breast chakra)

Each body part is programmed to hold particular emotions and we subconsciously create disease to fulfil that emotion. Neediness is one of these diseases and is locked in to the brain consciousness, breast and the knee.
Quite often women that develop and create breast cancer have a neediness of their partner and can be quite clingy or demanding, even to the extreme of being ‘the damsel in distress’. Yet to look at these women they look like they are independent. The neediness comes from feeling alone and isolated. They do not realise their own potential and what they can achieve as an interdependent person. They can create breast cancer as a way of feeling loved and their partner not leaving them. It is an attention seeking concept. Yet again the duality will happen with the women appearing as though they are totally fine and do not want any attention focused on them. Helen continually created some sort of ailment or drama to have people around her and help her. She hated being alone and felt isolated all the time. When Helen explained she had breast cancer there was almost a sense of relief and happiness. She stated “Now my partner will stay with me and I won’t be alone.” She went to many practitioners and health professionals. There were signs of co dependency. She wanted chemo as then her partner would have to drive her.  This had stemmed from her Father leaving home when she was 9 years old and she never felt safe.  She wanted a man to protect her. She had marriedGary straight away as she felt she was never going to get another man love and accept her.

 8. Resentment  

Resentment prevents us from living an abundant life. The body locks resentment in to the nipple chakra. It is grievance and anger at someone or something. It is when we blame someone or something and refuse to release that blame. The healing aspect was to give ‘pardon for a fault’, or forgive. We are unaware of what the internal vibration is saying relating to emotions. We lock these fear based emotions within our body parts.  Lauren stated it was her Mother not loving her that she had breast cancer. Lauren was refused to forgive her Mother for leaving her Dad. The bitterness and resentment was weaving itself not only in the left breast but also in to the lymph glands and in to the bones. Even talking to Lauren was challenging as she stated she wanted her Mother to die.


 Jean Sheehan – Profile


Your biography becomes your body biology – what does your say?   

 We each have a gift. Jean’s ability is to see the anatomy and physiology with in a person to know where each person limits them self and what the body is saying in relation to health. Jean Sheehan is the Director ofMillennium EducationPty Ltd. As a Nurse for 15 years, she noticed there was an absence of empoweringtechniques within the health and education systems. Her clients stated they wanted the metaphysical aspects about the body. Her career transformed from Nursing to facilitating workshops, seminars and travelling nationally and internationally toteach the Millennium Children Personalities and Medical Intuition. Continually requested as a motivational speaker sharing how she healed her own cancer using Medical Intuition, she is a leader in her field of self development and internationally recognised Medical Intuitive, Metaphysical Teacher and Life Skills Coach. She educates and coaches schools, childcare centres, corporations, and the health systems.


 Jean Sheehan PrincipalMillennium Education

Millennium EducationPTY LTD

P: 0414 758 360

International P: +61 414 758 360



POBOX329, Tewantin, QLDAustralia, 4565

IM SKYPE: absolute.empowerment


Body, what body?

I found my interview with Tahnee Woolf fascinating. As she was guiding me through some simple awareness exercises, it only highlighted to me how unaware I am at times of the temple I am ‘living’ in.  When she was describing the effect of her techniques and teachings – freedom, ease, grace, emotional neutrality when needed and balance – not only did I get a sense of longing but also a sense of remembrance.  Somewhere in the cellular memory of my body a stirring occurred. Continue reading “Body, what body?” »

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