Really I Shouldn’t….

Do you ever get those really random urges. (No not those kind of urges). You know the ones where you are standing in a queue somewhere and you get that sneaky voice in your head that says ‘Go on pinch the cute bum in front of you’. Those thoughts that are unbidden and usually inappropriate. I often wonder where they come from. Is it my inner child? My saucy secret self? My rebel? My naughty Nat. Some aspect of me that hides away until I am unguarded and then pops our some like demented jack in a box to scare the daylights out of me and if I was to follow through with the suggestion, the rest of the population too. Go on, you know you have had them too. Those thoughts or feelings that if you actually enacted them you might get locked up in jail or in the loony bin. Well because I can’t or won’t actually act them out this is about as close as I am going to get to the thrill of seeing them fulfilled. So here are my top 10 random urges that if I had the guts or lack of inhibition I would do…..

  1. Do a handstand or cartwheel in the middle of the road, the Plaza, a boring meeting or restaurant.
  2. Pinch the bum of the cute guy in front of me.
  3. Dance in a fountain in my bikinis in the middle of City Square.
  4. Sing at the top of my lungs in the supermarket to the song over the loud speaker.
  5. Run around and pull up all the shorts to a decent level.
  6. Hug strangers who look sad.
  7. Sky dive naked.
  8. Have a picnic on the median strip.
  9. Wear pajamas and take pillows and blankets to the movies.
  10. Set up a double bed, complete with mozzie net etc on the beach to watch the sun set and the moon rise.

I tell you my head is full of them.  So if you see me standing somewhere with this mischievous smile on my face and a far away look, don’t disturb, I am quietly letting the scenarios unfold in mind.


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