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I choose to  live an inspired life in each moment, following ‘my bliss’ and sharing my personal insights in my own unique package globally. I work and play together these days mostly with my husband Terry Oldfield  who is both a brilliant composer and musician. We call our combined work “Music and Wisdom from the Heart’ and it takes the form of Performances, Workshops, Seminars, Events  and Retreats. As my personal contribution also write, consult and offer public speaking as an individual. In the work we share as a couple there is a balance of masculine and feminine energies which is very powerful. Our tool kit includes the beautiful Young Living Essential Oils and Health Products, our Music & Meditations as cd’s and downloads, Meditations, Yogic Knowledge and the wisdom to create energetic balance in your life.

This story however, I tell as a woman. 

What I have learned more than anything else in the thirty years of my career as a facilitator is that we are all fundamentally the same. 

Our hopes, desires, fears and joys are shared. In the sharing of this sameness, a web of connection spreads across the planet bypassing all outward differences of race, colour, religion and belief. When we touch anyone with honest sincerity, authenticity, open vulnerability and respect  they will feel us. 

I love to travel and have done so broadly visiting many different countries and cultures. I have sat with women who live on the streets of Calcutta in India and shared a chai while their children, played in my lap. I have spent time in Ashrams, and met successful women in the fast lane in Europe and America. I have performed and facilitated workshops and retreats and been a student myself.  Always there have been heartfelt connections with others and where there has been conflict I have gained greater insight. Human connection and sharing as a global community is paramount in my mind for unity and oneness.

In all the women I see an aspect of myself reflecting back to me; the same fundamental qualities of care, intuition, nurture, compassion, desire and empathy. Their fears, hopes, dreams and desires I recognise from my role as a  daughter, mother, wife and traveller on the highways and byways of life. I have cried with some as I have listened to their stories, laughed with others at the great cosmic joke of life, I have shared their triumphs as well as their disappointments. I have shared the pain of grief and loss with those who like myself have faced death of loved ones. I have felt their shame around sexuality and disempowerment at being a woman in a male dominated world. I have danced and sung, descended valleys and climbed many mountains. Everywhere I have been I find others like myself, souls who are sharing a ‘human experience’, in this ‘EarthSchool’.  In this body mind complex we may experience the full gamut of emotions, sensations, experience and thought and it is all perfect in the dance of life.

How I share myself in my work has changed radically over the past thirty years. I began to think beyond the square, to question deeply what society was dictating to be ‘normal’ as a young woman and after an awakening to a deeper purpose for my life at 21 I entered a Yoga Ashram. At that time I was an idealist, wanting to become one with God, to gain enlightenment. I spent 8 years studying yoga, meditation, exploring energy, kundalini and living a healthy communal lifestyle. I pushed myself to limits of endurance with selfless service. I lived without a bank account, neither voting or receiving payment for any work I shared. I looked for the Path inside and outside of myself. 

This became my training ground for my life, rather than a life long vocation. I learnt many positive attributes and also some that did not suit me. I now see that adopting the orange robes, a shaven head, and living simply with no belongings to speak was a very valuable experience, however I felt that the outer symbols of my garb created a sense of separation from others for me which was not my aim. In the ashram life of service I often ignored my intuitive guidance to rest my body and find balance in how I was expending my energy, later as a mother and in business I have learned how ‘Energy Management” is fundamental to a balanced life of Love, Work and Play. 

I also see that far from looking for ‘the path’ and experience of ENLIGHTENMENT that  LIGHT exists in every moment of our lives and there is NO PATH that leads us to the present moment – NOW IS THE ALL POWERFUL MOMENT.

Being ordinary is somehow more powerful than any search or path – Life is the path and ‘being ordinary can be extraordinary’. If we are always searching for something illusive we are never fully HERE and we are never Successful.

After marriage,  motherhood,  a separation, widowhood,  single parenting, the loss of a child, and family suicide as part of my history, I now have a  greater appreciation of what we women are capable of in both abundance and adversity and how our natural intuition, humility, empathy, adaptability, and ability for unconditional love as mothers will allow us to not only rise to a challenge, but also to thrive, blossom and continue to give and share with the family of humanity.

During challenging times of single parenting I went through a powerful surrender when I had an amazing and perhaps very ordinary sounding realisation. My clients and students would  often come with a fundamental question. 

“What is my true destiny”  they often asked.  “What is it I am born to do?”. Many would seek out clairvoyants, teachers and sooth sayers with this very question. 

Behind the question I realised was a deep fear “what if I am not fulfilling my destiny, “what if I am not doing what I was born to do?”,  “What if I am on the wrong path?”. A shared underlying FEAR of humanity lies behind this.  “What if I fail? Will I ever be enough?  or What if I am not good enough?”

However it hit me like lightning – How could we be doing anything but what we are born to do – this IS our life – All IS perfect for us NOW. Any fear or anxiety about it only stems from an non-acceptance of the PRESENT, the NOW, as IT IS. 

A huge internal surrender followed this realisation which brought me relief during these most challenging times when one of my teenage sons was struggling with the transition from childhood through puberty without a father figure. This was exactly where I needed to be and it was all perfect even in the hardest moments.

Not long after this I met a man who would become the most important person in my life to date. 

We fell madly in love and our romance was and is wonderful. Our love ignited the work we now share together in our workshops, seminars and events. My voice awakened as we began our musical journey together and I now sing with an open heart as we share our ‘music and wisdom from the heart’.

I would like to say that the past eight years together have all been easy,  however they have not. The awakening of  Inner wisdom  is accelerated when our intent is to face what is and disallow the ego from running the show. The mantra ‘This Too Will Pass” is handy during times of challenge, to remind us that nothing is permanent.

Terry and I have enjoyed many wonderful, awe-inspiring and fun times, faced our darkest hours together, seen the ugliest aspects of each other as our egos battled with our old outmoded ways and then surrendered into a peaceful place of Acceptance, Joy and Enthusiasm for the life we share together. A deep respect and communion has flowered between us as through the mirror of our relationship and the love we both share we have come to a place of deep peace. We both feel blessed by each others’ beauty and meet in that center. 

My greatest challenge was at 49, with the suicide death of my 17 year old son. My life changed forever as I faced firstly my shock, anger, shame and grief. With it has come the opportunity to explore deeply buried areas of myself around Shame and Grief, to heal and emerge in greater Love and joy. With great humility I had to surrender my little ego desires, let go of judgement and embrace forgiveness toward others and myself to fully  heal.

I had to LET THY WILL BE DONE, to release MY desires and surrender to the Greater plan of the universe.

My advice is to always remain open and humble, to be ready to admit your mistakes, and with self-inquiry and honesty learn and evolve. Surrender the past which arises as REACTION and let your life be one of ACTION with the freshness of presence in each moment.  

Terry and I  continue to travel the world together sharing our music, retreats and workshops, meeting wonderful people in distant places sharing our Music and Wisdom from the heart. 

It is always perfect as I now understand THIS MOMENT is your life – there is NOWHERE ELSE to be. Each experience is valid. 

RESISTANCE TO PRESENCE will create chaos and pain in our life. 

In the surrender to the moment there is no separation, there is only Love. It is my joy to share what I have learned in the journey of life with others and continue that exploration in each moment. If this inspires others then that is wonderful however in all honesty I am living my life the only way I can with my heart on my sleeve. 

I highly encourage you to express your uniqueness out to the world, with courage and vulnerability share your story and listen to others, create human connections and see that it is all perfect. 

By being fully you and accepting the opportunities that present themselves in your life you grow and blossom. This is what they call living your bliss and it is contagious. 

By you following your hearts’ path you give others permission to do the same. 

I now assist people with self inquiry and discovery using the scale of consciousness and the deep fundamentals of the chakra system which I have studied for the past 25 years together with meditation and  mindfulness to shine the light of awareness on those areas of resistance in our lives. I love to work with people who are willing to open themselves with honesty and vulnerability to explore what gets in the way of seeing the Love, Joy and Beauty  that surrounds us always in every moment.

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