No 2015 resolution but a 2015 Word….

28866_lI’m a thinker, in fact I over-think and over-process often. I am prone to headaches and lying awake at night. My mind and I have a love hate relationship. It likes to make lists and sort through stuff and I have to engage in my ‘calming’ practices to get it to chill out. I think it is an Aries trait also.  I am also a ‘doer’. I get things done. I am productive and constructive and busy – often. I don’t think busy is such a great thing for me either. So when thinking about 2014 – how it was and 2015 -how I wish to be a, word came to mind. One that could assist me to slow down and above all else enjoy.  It would help me to let go of my mind madness and busy bee energy. My 2015 word ….. Savouring! Continue reading “No 2015 resolution but a 2015 Word….” »

Life’s Purpose – Let It Go

1940There is a lot of ‘talk’ around finding your purpose. It is suggested that everyone has a life’s purpose a reason for being here, a special gift or job to do. And although this may be true, seeking and searching for and often not finding or discovering this individualized and unique purpose can be challenging and worse, stressful. There is a certain implication that if we don’t find and live our purpose that we are somehow incomplete, or not fulfilling a destiny. I do believe we have innate gifts and talents, which when we know what they are and begin to share them, can create immense joy and satisfaction in our lives – but striving to find ‘our purpose’ can sometimes hold us back, create barriers, expectations and idealism that do not serve us. What if we just let it go and instead…

We just focus on living a life of purpose or living a purpose-filled life….. Continue reading “Life’s Purpose – Let It Go” »

Re-defining Regrets

10734144_10152474686056099_4059072109362224515_nRegrets – we all have them. We carry them around like little pieces of coal that do a slow burn in our hearts and minds. They are laced with a subtle poison that eats away at our sense of wholeness and dreams for the future, because until we can let them go, if we ever, they anchor us in the past. Having regrets ensure that our personal power will never be at full throttle because they drain our energy like fuel from a leaky line. And they are persistent little buggers, holding on with hook like tendencies, catching us off guard and reminding us of our imperfections.  Forgiving and forgetting can be a challenging process so I am sharing some ways to re-define regrets. We can take the negative energy usually associated with rambunctious regrets and turn it into something that will support you to be free. Continue reading “Re-defining Regrets” »

I think I can, I think I can…

The saying goes ‘Your thoughts create your reality’ and if this is the case, then on a personal level, my thoughts are pretty damn funky. I love my life and the people and experiences in it. However if I was to extend that to the world situation, I have to wonder what the hell the majority of people have been putting out there. Feelings of lack, hatred, scarcity, separation – that seems to be what we see on the surface. But there is a movement happening, a spirited movement. A movement of personal responsibility. More and more people are choosing their thoughts, choosing to let empowering, awakened thoughts fill their awareness. When you think that the thoughts we choose consistently and strongly provoke an emotional response and that from that emotional response our actions arise, then we want to be careful in our mind processes. We can be a part of the Change. Focusing on and thinking of what we do want to see created in our world, and by not channeling energy into thoughts that disempower us and others, is the first and effective step to the ‘ripple’ effect. Karen Clarke and I had a wonderful conversation around this very thing on the first ever Spirited Women’s Sacred and Sassy radio show on blog talk radio. Take the time to listen in to the replay and align your thoughts for the greater good.


Ps Our next show is on Monday 8th April and features Tamika Hilder

Embracing Uncertainty

“That man is prudent who neither hopes or fears anything from the uncertain events of the future.”    Anatole France (French Writer)

How much energy do you spend trying to ensure that everyone and everything in your life is in control?  How much does being in total control and remaining in safety zone create boundaries and defenses around your existence?  What would it take for you to let go of the need for everything to work out exactly as you intended?  Are you aware that this need for control is really based in fear? 

Life is unpredictable.  The one and only element we can control is ourselves.  The only certainty in life is that life is uncertain.  We cannot know the future or control it.  When we spend so much time, attention and energy on trying to control our outside environment, so that we can live in a false sense of certainty, we miss so much of the enjoyment and spontaneity of life.  It is in the places and situations that are unfamiliar that we learn and grow.  Think about it, if you always stay in what you know, then you will only ever learn that which you already know.  If you were to surrender your need to be right, if you were to surrender the need to have control, if you were to surrender the fear of the unfamiliar, how much lighter, richer and peaceful would your life be?

Susan Jeffers has written a book on the joy of embracing uncertainty and the freedom this offers you. She writes–

If we truly accepted the fact that life was uncertain, we wouldn’t be looking for guarantees.  We would be looking for something else.

We would look for the valuable gifts inherent in all that happens to us … no matter how bad things may seem in any given moment.  Finding the gifts minimizes – even erases – the suffering.

We would look for a way of being in the world that assures us that we could handle whatever life hands us.  Therefore, we would live with a ‘bring-it-all-on’ attitude, knowing that we are prepared for anything that comes our way!

We would look for a way of being in the world that allows us to see uncertainty not as something to fear, but as an enriching aspect of life.

This concept at first may seem hard but like any new habit or way of thinking you need to adopt the attitude and take it with you for awhile, taking note of the differences it makes in your everyday.  In the words of Ernestine Ulmer “Life is uncertain, eat dessert first”.

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