Changing The World

The “Changing the World’ pages celebrate those organizations and women who are actively making a difference. There are links to charities and groups who support women and children and stories of women who through their own unique ways are adding their skills and voice to the healing of the planet.  We say thank you to all of them for being an extension of our intention and wish to see the world whole.

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  1. minus the third eye, I like the half red face and feathers

    minus the third eye,
  2. The Den Sleep-Over Pod, Soneva Kiri Resort, Thailand - Now this is a tree house!

    The Den Sleep-Over P
  3. holy shit that's an amazing head dress!!

    holy shit that's an
  4. Domos ecologicos. Arquitectura sustentable. Superadobe. ecoconstrucción. Eco.

    Domos ecologicos. Ar
  5. Unusual Crazy House | Read More Info

    Unusual Crazy House
  6. my dream home ..away from home

    my dream home ..away