People Working Wonders

This page is to honour, celebrate and showcase women and men who are consciously and courageously stepping up to make a difference somehow in the world. They may not necessarily be well-known, or part of a large organization or making a difference to a huge group of people, but they are in their unique way, shifting the world to a more healed and joyful place to live in. If you believe this is you then please contact me ( with a short description of who you are and how you are ‘being the change you want to see in the world’.



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  1. Marion at the final battle. Her hair should be a few shades darker, but OMG, perfect!

    Marion at the final
  2. YO

  3. Gingham + white

    Gingham + white
  4. i s l a n d boho || Spell Designs look book ✻ ☾ ✧ ॐ | Coconut

    i s l a n d boho ||
  5. Door knocker...l absolutely love this...the colouring is just right

    Door knocker...l abs