All Presenters

All Presenters

A list of all our wonderful presenters. To become a presenter click here

Christine Maudy

Living Inspired and Christine Maudy Abstract Art

Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, Intuitive healer, Distance healing, Past-life Therapy, Crystal therapy, Mentoring-coaching, Spiritual guidance, Visual artist, Workshops and events facilitator, owner of Living Inspired.

Jean Sheehan

Absolute Empowerment & Millennium Education

Jean Sheehan is the Founder and Director of the Millennium Education School. An expert and leader in her field of Medical Intuition, teaching possibility and potentiality.

Trish Stevens

Keys of Change

I am a spiritual teacher and reader, with a great sense of fun which I take into my work. I work from my home in Kureelpa, near Nambour, as well as Broken Hill, and Adelaide. It has been a great pleasure to write many healing and spiritual courses and to teach them at home, around Australia and overseas.

I enjoy doing both readings and healing sessions and can offer 27 training courses which include healing seminars,Usui Reiki, Isis Seichim, Counselling through the Chakras, Energy, Chakras and Colours, Crystals etc. Women’s Empowerment Seminars, Intuitive courses including Psychic and Intuitive development, Numerology, Palmistry, and many more. I also offer the opportunity for you to join me and to learn overseas at sacred sites and special places.

I am looking forward to meeting many people on the sunshine coast.

Nicole Starr

Spiritual Journeying, Mentoring and Inspiration.

Nicole Phoenix Starr is a social entrepreneur living and breathing deeply in Bali, Indonesia. A woman of many guises and passions.

Sue Parish

Experience Sumatra / Your Part Time PA

Sue is the founder of Experience Sumatra. Her passion for Sumatra and her desire to "connect people from diverse cultural backgrounds" lead her to create Experience Sumatra which offers a unique blend of specialised program, culture, adventure and contribution experiences, with a touch of "you might learn something about yourself".

Robyn Collins

Robyn Collins

Robyn Collins BASSc. MSc.D Founder, Director and Spiritual Teacher sharing a message of The Modern Art and Science of Stillness and Spiritual Awakening. Author of soon to be released the \" Return to Soul \" Series. Robyn is a Counseling/ Social Science Psychologist and Tibetan Reiki Master specialising in Crisis and Trauma, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Mindfulness & Energy Medicine

Tamika Hilder

Holistic Wellness Coaching

Tamika is the founder of the Holistic Clearing Method, a method designed to effectively and quickly clear the hidden energetic blocks manifesting as health or life problems. She is a teacher, speaker and intuitive coach of spiritual awakening, transformation and holistic healing.

Pauline Ryeland

Healthy Passionate Living

Working with women who have challenges with intimacy, sex, love, relationships, connection, passion, health & emotional well being. As an Intimacy & Sexuality Coach we work on the unconscious level to assist you to move powerfully into your life, creating positive and profound changes in all areas!

Soraya Saraswati

Soul Purpose Mastery

Soraya is an International Spiritual Mentor, Holistic Therapist, Musician and Writer.
She lives on the Sunshine Coast Australia, and travels Globally together with her composer musician husband Terry Oldfield presenting Seminars, Retreats and Concerts.
Soraya has 30 years experience in the complementary medicine, yoga, subtle energy and meditation fields that has formed a strong foundation for her work now to assist other to live consciously and in alignment with their Soul Purpose.
Allow Soraya to assist you to establish balance and the energy to walk your path in a healthy, vibrant, loving and authentic way. Soraya offers consultations, via skype or in person.
Soraya is also a passionate distributor of Y.L. essential oils as tools for transformation.

Kim Gillespie

Savvy Inspired Women

The Savvy Woman's Guide to Life, Love , Sex and Money

Lyn Bowker

Izabella Siodmak

Gone are the days of seeking a therapist, healer, reader or outside authority. Izabella loves to support you to truly feel good from the inside out. She shows you how to be guided from within, where all YOUR answers are. That's your true power and you can continue to access it for yourself, to feel joy and to effortlessly materialize your heart's desires.

With over 23 years involvement in the personal development industry, including 15 years as a therapist and 10 years of facilitating mental and emotional wellness retreats founded by Izabella she now has several cutting-edge interactive books and Inspirational Events to transform your world and reconnect you to who you really are.

Laura Di Mambro

Higher Visions Australia

Higher Visions is a community network set up by Laura Di Mambro in May 2011 with a view to provide a place for other like-minded souls to come together to learn, grow, share and to self-develop through these changing times. The organisation objective is to help bring the Community together to help support each other including supporting local business’s and individuals in the Holistic and spiritual sector

Fiona Marshall

Medical-Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Healer

Fiona Marshall Psychic, Intuitive Healer,Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Mentor, Workshop facilitator, Inspired Spirit Life Coach (in training). Wife & Mother of 2 teenagers. She is very honoured to have Healing gifts that assist clients to have a Happier, Healthier,Clearer now and future. Feb 2006 saw Fiona in India where she was introduced to the "Prime Minister" of Andre Pradesh, and was invited back to heal him and offer her services to his close family and staff. April '06' and January '07'. Fiona has also been on Hot 91.1 FM for Readings and discussion on variety of energy topics and was Guest reader for their "Footy Wives Luncheon" 2007.

Kim Koroheke

The Conscious Lotus

I am an inuitive healer and coach. I work intuitively with universal energy, crystals and vibrational essences, colour and sound. I work in one on one sessions and holds various workshops for personal and spiritual development as well as group work for women including women’s heart circles.

Renai Stupart

Kama Frankling

Kama Frankling - Gracefully Natural

Stop Conforming - Improve Your Life! Creating Confidence Through Nature and Creativity. Be Who you truly are. Create a Connection to you. Kama Offers a Unique Blending of Art Therapy, Nature Play & Experiential Coaching.

Lynda Palai

Celestial Chic

I am a cheerful and friendly person who enjoys doing reflexology and Reiki treatments from the warmth and comfort of my colourful healing room.
I have been a reader for many years, working with clairvoyance, numerology, psychometry, working with the subtle bodies and more recently have been developing my mediumship abilities.
My artistic side is fulfilled when I incorporate working with colour, textiles and crystals to extend my expertise in energy work.
On the 2nd Tuesday evening of the month, I invite you to my home in Nambour to relax, mingle and enjoy the company of like-minded people. Each month I invite a special guest speaker to share their journey with us. Our group is called “Crossing Paths” and all are welcome.
Please read my full bio for more information and contact details.

Ashra Sherwood

Kaivalya Healing

Ashra Sherwood is the founder and facilitator of Kaivalya Healing; an integrated holistic practice for personal transformation and spiritual development. Utilizing a range of specialised modalities including Vibrational Therapies, the Lotus Method of Self-Inquiry, and Kaivalya Healing Meditations and Coursework, Ashra is here to guide and support you on your unique and sacred journey towards wholeness.

Rowan Bradley

Passionate Relationships

Rowan Bradley of Passionate Relationships, is a holistic healer, intuitive life coach, yoga and meditation teacher, and tantric relationship counselor. Her work with Passionate Relationships focuses on assisting women and men, singles and couples to build inner connection and deepen relationship intimacy.

Tracey Carmichael

Happy Mind Formula

Through the Happy Mind Formula, Tracey Carmichael coaches, educates and inspires you to create positive change to move from depression to happiness and achieve all that you desire.

Robin Clayfield

Earthcare Education and 'Dynamic Groups'

Robin is the creator of 'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning' a cutting edge educational methodology which underlies all her training courses, workshops, presentations and retreats. She offers 'Dynamic Groups' trainings, Creative Community Governance and Decision Making' workshops, Permaculture weekends and 'The Love Feast' retreat for couples, co-created with her partner. She has authored several books and training resources, a card set and produced a CD of Guided Journeys set to music.

Being Woman... A Women's Gathering

Being Woman... is a yearly weekend gathering on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia, for women, of all walks of life, to come together for celebration, healing, creativity, laughter, dance, ceremony and sisterhood.

Emma Creed

Sound Affects / Feminine Consciousness

Emma Creed is 'The Self Expression Specialist'. Having recently moved to the Sunshine Coast, Emma loves creating a space for women to get out of their heads and back to their hearts and bodies utilising creative healing arts (sound healing and dance therapy). Stay 'tuned' for more information about her upcoming playshops and retreats especially designed for women to find their stillness within.

Raelene Byrne

Medicine for your Spirit

To "be all that you are" takes enormous courage and a leap of faith. Allow Medicine for yur spirit the chance to help you remember your greatness, your pure potential, your purpose and magnificent self.

Jeanne Treloar

Witch Words

I am an intuitive graphic designer, I work from the heart and love to help others find their brand identity through the magic of words and design. I'm very proud and honoured to have been trusted to design the Spirited Women's Movement branding, logo and website for my beautiful soul sister Natalie!

Anne Aleckson

Anne Aleckson gives a voice to the power within through speaking and coaching.

Natalie Hennessey

Spirited Women's Movement and Ruby Moon Dreaming

I am the creator of Spirited Women's Movement a world wide website promoting personal and business growth for sacred and sassy women through products and an online directory of amazingly powerful events.
Ruby Moon Dreaming is my 'sistering' (coaching) business that guides women to reconnect to their sacred and sassy selves.

Janet McGeever

The Conscious Heart

Janet helps women and couples create more conscious, loving, authentic relationships in particular the area of sexuality. She loves assisting women on their journey to wholeness helping them transform the past, to unfold gracefully into their true feminine nature.
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