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Kim Gillespie

Savvy Inspired Women

Robin Clayfield

Earthcare Education and 'Dynamic Groups'

Robin Clayfield is a passionate and sensative facilitator of deep change and dynamic group energy. She prefers to support a group to enjoy an experience rather than talking at people and uses a diverse creative toolbox of fun processes and activities to delight any audience. Robin has led workshops, presentations and trainings all over Australia and in 8 diverse countries for well over 20 years and receives great feedback on virtually every occasion.

Robyn Collins

Robyn Collins

Janet McGeever

The Conscious Heart

Emma Creed

Sound Affects / Feminine Consciousness

Emma Creed is 'The Self Expression Specialist'. Having recently moved to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Emma loves creating a space for women to get out of their heads and back to their hearts and bodies utilising creative healing arts (sound healing and dance therapy).

If you would like to know more about how Emma can creatively contribute to your event, please call her on 0438 619 518.

Anne Aleckson

Ann-Mhayra Aleckson is a transformational speaker, giving a voice to the power within in order to empower you to heal, connect and transform your life.

Tracey Carmichael

Happy Mind Formula

Tracey Carmichael is an engaging, no-nonsense speaker who delivers a simple but powerful message to create long lasting change for those serious about creating the life they desire

Pauline Ryeland

Healthy Passionate Living

I am passionate about every woman fully embracing their sexuality & living their life to the fullest! Utilising my coaching skills we can clear what is holding you back on an unconscious level so that you can move powerfully and positively into the future. I am also able to bring powerful sexual healing through clearing on an energetic level and opening up your sexual energies which can be extremely profound.

Jean Sheehan

Absolute Empowerment & Millennium Education

Tamika Hilder

Holistic Wellness Coaching

Tamika is a dynamic, passionate and inspirational healer, teacher and presenter. Her purpose in life is to assist others in knowing and loving who they are, understanding their purpose in life and then how to create the abundant, healthy and joy-filled life their heart desires by using their untapped power of their mind.

Rowan Bradley

Passionate Relationships

Christine Maudy

Living Inspired and Christine Maudy Abstract Art

Professional international visual artist, Reiki Master and International Visual artist, Teacher, Intuitive healer, Bars Practitioner, Crystal therapy, Spiritual guidance, Mentorship, Workshop and event facilitator, owner of Living Inspired.

Kama Frankling

Kama Frankling - Gracefully Natural

Kama is the Author of "The Happy Migrant - Your Relocation Survival Guide" and is happy to share her own journey to help others with the emotional aspect of a move far from home.

Kama also helps women find the inner magic they have left behind through years of raising children and working. Kama is happy to speak on the subjects of being who you are, feeling inspired, and enabling your passions.

Soraya Saraswati

Soul Purpose Mastery

Izabella Siodmak

Izabella's funshops and inspirational experiences provide something new in the personal development world; the ability for you to know how to continue to tap into your wellness and higher vibration beyond a workshop. Not only will you gain access to your own guidance, your own clarity but you'll know how to carry this right-through into your life beyond the workshop-high. Joy, fun, love, liberty and inspiration are available to you everyday. Have fun finally discovering exactly how, with Izabella Siodmak.

Jeanne Treloar

Witch Words

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