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The Beauty Of Giving Back

Why include this page?  Because giving is an essential part of Spirited Women’s Network.  I would like to encourage you to reflect on where you can give of yourself that would make a huge difference to the person you choose to give to.  Giving is a gift that blesses both people involved.  It doesn’t have to be money.  It could be time, skill, sharing, complimenting, smiling, hugging, doing housework, sending a positive note, cooking, baby sitting …….. the expression of giving is endless.  Personally I sponsor a child, professionally I support charities that support the rights of women and children.  There are so many worthy causes – it is hard to decided who to support – go with the ones that resonate with you. Perhaps it can be something that is closer to home such as a disabled neighbour or an elderly couple who live down the road.  I have listed a couple of organisations at the end of the page as a starting point. In the meantime enjoy the article below….

Who really cares? And the effects of giving back.

by Davelle Morrison

It is a great question and a really interesting answer. It is also a book by Arthur C. Brooks titled, Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism. I was lucky enough to attend a Ramsay Luncheon several years ago hosted by Bob Ramsey where Arthur C. Brooks came to speak to us about his new book. I gained some insights at this event about charitable giving and wanted to share some of the information that I learned.

Some interesting statistics from the book:

  1. People who give to charity are 43% more likely to say they are “very happy” than non-givers
  2. People who give to charity are 25% more likely than non-givers to say their health is excellent or very good
  3. People who give to charity earn more money than non-givers
  4. Giving and volunteering improve physical health & happiness; We need to give for our own good
  5. Upper level income people often give less than the working poor
  6. Republicans donate more than Democrats

Researchers believe that there is definitely a positive correlation for individuals when they give to charity. It is great to know that there are many great reasons to give back to others and increase our charitable giving throughout the year and not just at Christmas.

Even Martin Luther King was quoted saying, “Every man must decide whether he will walk in the creative light of altruism or the darkness of destructive selfishness. Life’s persistent and most urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?'”

What an incredibly powerful statement to think about.

From a medical perspective Drs. Oz & Roizen has some great advice about the affects of giving back on your health.

A recent article in Success Magazine from Drs. Mehmet C. Oz & Michael F. Roizen declared that helping others can help improve your health. They mention that almost every study of longevity indicates one secret that makes people healthier and happier: helping others. Drs Oz & Roizen suggest that “people who donate money are happier than people with the same amount of money who don’t donate to others.” They offer a couple of tips on how to improve your health through giving back:

  1. Charity begins at home. When you help others, you strengthen your immune system, boost positive emotions, decrease pain & provide stress relief. Researchers have found the effects of giving back as similar to a “runners high”, but unlike an exercise euphoria, this rush can last a long time.
  2. A privilege to do something bigger. You don’t have an obligation to society to find a bigger purpose, you have an obligation to your own health and happiness.

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