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Hi, thank you for visiting. My beautiful website is in transformation. Please call back in a couple of months to see the new emerge. Blessings, Natalie


 Calling all Spirited Women – those who are teaching and mentoring others; those who have the courage and commitment to grow; those who are ready to ‘be the change in the world’ – now is the time to shine. Now is the time to be brave, to guide those who have lost their way. Now is the time to say “enough” and be instigators of global healing.  Embrace your maiden energy in innocence and curiosity, hold your mother energy in nurturing and co-operation, stand in your crone energy of wisdom and leadership. In your wholeness help make the world whole.


“When a woman has owned her passionate nature, allowing love to flood her heart, her thoughts grow wild and fierce and beautiful. Her juices flow. Her heart expands. She has glimpsed the enchanted kingdom, the vast and magical realms of the Goddess within her. Here, all things are transformed. And there is a purpose to this: that the world might be mothered back to great and glorious state. When a woman conceives her true self, a miracle occurs and life around her begins again”

Marianne Williamson ‘A Woman’s Worth’ (1993)



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  1. Art nouveau mausoleum door

    Art nouveau mausoleu
  2. ✦Tattoo✦

  3. Los colores son preciosos the colors are precious

    Los colores son prec
  4. Marion at the final battle. Her hair should be a few shades darker, but OMG, perfect!

    Marion at the final
  5. YO